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Conversation and chemicals

OOC Date: February 27, 2016
Location: Blue Light, Corellian Sector, Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Qadira Suuryet, Stavros, Siya, Oozlevort, Uli Gosse, Rebel Yell

Kadi gets off the taxi, the two droids still with her. The trio heads for the Blue Light, Kadi humming under her breath as she walks. Offkey. She has only one small bag in hand, and neither droid is carrying anything. Once at the bar, she picks a spot to sit, and Lily rolls into a spot nearly under the table, while Flufffy flops by her feet, in a very canine way. Kadi orders some Corellian ale from the waitress and leans back to relax, setting her small bag on the table.

The Blue Light is hopping tonight. Since 'The Incident,' security has been more plentiful, but they do their best to be unobtrusive. Weapons are not checked at the door, but there are plenty of Rebel Yell mercenaries who will check you after they wreck you, if you start something.

The bar is still at full staff. There is a professional core, and many of the others are in varying stages of learning the ropes. Some are skittish, but many are adapting well. Some hide their scars; some wear them with pride.

Emerging from the back, Stavros looks over the scene with a contented expression. He does a bit of a "manager's walkabout," checking in at tables and booths here and there. "Are you enjoying yourselves?" "I hope the cocktails are to your satisfaction." "How is Leeza treating you? Great."

The Zeltron returns to the bar doing his own humming. It's trying to follow the beat of the song playing in the background, but he isn't doing a very good job with it. Looking over the droids with the new patron, he says, "You seem to have brought company enough with you!" He grins. "We don't mind droids that are with customers," he says reassuringly. "I'm Stavros Niarkos." That name is on a placard somewhere, or is supposed to be! He eyes above the bar for a moment. "Welcome to the Blue Light. Have you been here recently?"

Siya is busy over by the bar, talking with one of the newer bartenders. The pair is giggling at a messup from the new bartender. "It's ok. This stuff takes practice." She laughs. The broken bottle is swept up and the glass is dumped in the trash. "Go call for a bus boy to come clean the rest up." She pats the man on the back. Her attention is pulled from the man and the mess on the floor, up to Kadi and Stavros. "Hello you two." She beams a smile at them.

Kadi has to think about that, and she laughs. "Not for a little while." She might actually recognize some of the Rebel Yell crew. Maybe. In any event, she looks at her droids and says, "They're good. My dad built Lily, and Fluffy is stock, bought new." So no strange quirks as yet. But he might develop some, one never knows. He doesn't even wuff, just wags his tail as he hears his name. She is about to say something else when Siya speaks, and that gets sa small wave and a "Hey, Siya. How are you? It's been a while - I hope things are good?" A pause and then she adds, "I'm Kadi." Since she isn't sure she's introduced herself as yet.

"Charmed, Kadi." Stavros waves at a bartender to mix him something from the drink specials - he doesn't specify which, just making a tipping-the-glass back gesture and mouthing 'whatever'. "Hi, Siya. You know each other." After stating the obvious, his grin grows. "So, if you were going to warn me about Kadi, Siya, what should I know? It's your turn in a second," he promises Kadi.

Siya smiles and nods, "It really has been quite some time. I havebeen pretty good, I work here now. They are good." She leans forward to whisper in a conspiratorial tone, "It doesn't hurt that the manager is nice to look upon." She winks. "So, let me make something for you. Whatever your heart's desire." She turns to grasp at a glass and pull it down. Glancing to Stavros, "I know a lot of people! It's the joy of doing what I do!" She winks at him. She pauses and then looks back, studying Kadi. "She knows things.. people.. Don't mess with her, she has the power to ruin your day." She grins deviously.

Kadi is seated at a table, with her droids settled in around her. She has a mug of Corellian Ale already, but she chuckles softly, her cheeks going a bit pink. "Me! I don't know what you're talking about!" Her eyes are gleaming as she listens, complimented even if she's not sure she believes the words that the bartender is speaking. Stavros gets a brow arch and then Kadi says, "Did you find out what you wanted to know?" A nice long drink of the ale, and a satisfied sigh. Kadi turns back to Siya. "Now there's a question - I usually just go for the ale or the nice whiskey, but - maybe surprise me? One of those strange coloured drinks that taste really good?"

Oozlevort ambles inside the doors of the tavern and through a plume of smoke, looking for a proper drink. The Gand is accustomed to navigating through mists, however, and soon finds the bar proper.

"Compliments will get you nowhere, sweetheart, but I appreciate them." Stavros grins at Siya and then looks to the droid-master. "Don't mess with Kadi. That's a good warning. So it's Kadi's turn," Stavros says. "What would you warn me about Siya?"

The Zeltron man glances over at the Gand. Non-ox breathers are welcome, of course, but a rarer sight in the Corellian District than elsewhere. He narrows his eyes slightly, as a memory nags at him. "Hello there," he calls. "Welcome to the Blue Light. We've met, but I gotta confess, I was a little drunk at the time. I remember the conversation, but not ... your name. I'm Stavros."

Siya taps at her chin. "I will keep it simple. How about a Blue Comet?" She smiles and then begins taking out various bottles of liquid. One is tossed up and she catches it upside down and aimed at the glass. A bit of the liquid is poured before she repeats with the second bottle. The second one pours out a bit of blue liquid that swirls into the clear liquid. She repeats this with different bottles, tossing in the air and catching it upside down until the glass is full. The bottles are set to the side and then she pulls out a little can. She sprays a white fog onto the drink, instantly frosting the mug and triggering a chemical reaction in the drink to freeze up on itself, creating a frosty blue drink. "Here you go, a hint of tart with a smooth sweetness." She slides it down to the woman. "Oozle! It is good to see you!" She greets the Gand as he arrives. "What's your poison today?"

Kadi glances over to the new arrival, especially as he gets attention from both Stavros and Siya. "Hi Oozlevort," she greets. Okay, maybe she does know people. At least some. She looks at the blue drink Siya has set in front of her and she laughs. "Thank you. That looks incredibly blue." A hand reaches for the glass, and she sniffs it experimentally. "If I die, make sure I get back to the Waywards Hangar, right?" Lily promptly beeps something along the lines of, "Quit trying to fake them out!" And Kadi glares at the R2 unit. "Hey! Who's side are you on anyway, Lily?" Grumble. She takes a sip of the drink, and pauses to think about what she knows about Siya. "Siya knows people too. And I suspect she knows more than she tells."

Oozlevort bows his head to Stavros. "Greetings. This Gand is called Oozlevort. It is his family name." He turns his bulbous insect head toward Siya, asking, "This Gand would like a Reactor Core. Do you have this drink?"

He raises a hand in greeting to Qadira and her droids.

Stavros receives a drink that gets a similar freezing treatment to the one Siya gave the Blue Comet, though it is a layered drink: most of it is red, top and the foam is decidedly blue. "Very funny," the Zeltron says. "I don't think we should put the Stavros Niarkos on the menu, though. This is the //Blue// Light."

He snorts at Lily. "I take it that one dislikes dishonesty. I like it already. What's its designation?" He looks back at Siya. "All the best bartenders do. Feel free to warn Kadi about me, Siya."

Stavros nods back to the Gand. "Oozlevort, right." He leaves him to Siya, however, for the moment. The creature needs a drink, not interruptions.

Siya looks to Oozlevort as if he has just asked the silliest question. She has a bit of a devious smile to her as she answers, "Of course. It's just a matter of mixing the right ingredients." A wink is offered to the insectoid. Immediately, she begins the assembly of the drink, humming as she works. "Of course I know more than I tell. That is what bartenders do. We listen, but keep our traps shut. Otherwise, we would loose a lot of clientele that way." She doesn't do any fancy tricks with this drink, just stirs together a few different liquids into one glass that almost looks like a bowl. "Hmm." She glances to Kadi and then to Stavros, "He's Zeltron. Consider yourself warned."

"That's R2-LI also known as Lily," Kadi says. "You speak Binary, do you? That's always good to know." Obviously so does Kadi, and Lily. "And Lily just likes sarcasm, more than anything." Fluffy keeps all sensors on high alert, though he looks totally relaxed and lazy. Kadi glances over at Siya, and nods slowly at the warning. "Right. But - what am I supposed to do about it?" She even sounds as confused as she looks, though she is diverted by the drink that Oozlevort asks for. "Is that reactor core even something anyone not a Gand could drink? Or would it just kill us instantly?"

Oozlevort chortles in his breathing mask. "The Reactor Core is spice liqueur and blue tonic. It is not poisonous to oxygen breathers. But it can be addictive to the weak-willed." The Gand rubs his three-fingered hands together and seats himself at the bar, waiting to be served.

"That's it?" Stavros seems offended by the bland warning Siya gives Kadi. "I am, you know, kind of... dangerous." He sounds about as dangerous as an unhappy mewling kitten. "Well, she's not wrong," he says to Kadi. "But you have nothing to worry about here. I am a //professional.// Also I don't want to get bitten." He glances down at the other droid, though he greets the R2 with "Hi, Lily." He asks the others, "How is the price of spice liquor these days?"

Siya glances at Stavros and she suddenly gets a devious look on her face. You don't have to be an empath to know she is thinking up some mischief. Though, she decides against it and just warns the woman, "Keep Zeltron men at least an arm's length from you. Otherwise, it coule become a socially awkward situation." She then takes up the drink and sets it gently in front of Ooz. "I hope I made it to your liking, friend. It is good to see you about. How have you been? Have you had any interesting adventures of late?" She pats the Gand's hand once, not lingering too long. It is just a simple pat. Siya looks to Stavros, "That warning is all a woman of any species should need." She winks at him.

Oozlevort attaches a small straw to his breathing device and floods it with ammonia atmosphere, blowing bubbles in the bluish drink that he has been served. He then has a big slurp and pauses as the delightful narcotic properties of the Reactor Core shroud his mind. "No, no great adventures has Oozlevort had. There was some trouble on level twenty-two but it was dealt with."

Stavros nods, but shifts where he's standing, taking his drink and walking around Kadi so he's closer to Oozlevort and Siya. This way, he unsubtly keeps absolutely everyone within arms reach. He smiles innocently, taking a long drink from his Zeltron-colored glass. His beatific expression slips a bit when he sees both women looking sly. "You're up to something. Don't think I can't sense it."

Siya beams a smile at Kadi and offers a nod, "Glad you like it. You too Ooz." She looks to the drink, "Looks good, smells good, but.. I have never personally tried anything with spice liquor." A waitress comes up with a tray and whispers to Siya. A nod is given and she lines up twelve glasses, fills them all with a bright yellow liquid and sends it off with the waitress. Looking back to Stavros, she cants her head slightly. "Hey.. I thought about it.. I behaved.." She smirks a little. Her eyes squint at Stavros and she steps closer, "Or are you just blaming -us- for being up to something when it is actually.. you."

Kadi's eyes widen and her hands come up. Innocent, honest! "You wound me," she says, laughing softly. "I can't imagine what I would possibly be up to, that you wouldn't have seen a million times over. Besides, I save my mischief for my fiance." Lily doesn't even comment so that's probably true, or mostly true. Or else Kadi kicked the droid under the table and she's currently going through a reboot sequence. You can never tell. She arches a brow, looking over at Siya, and then back to Stavros, curious to see the answer to that accusation. After a moment or two, she sneaks a glance over at Ooz - "Level 22?"

Ooz chortles. "Very bad Kanjiklubbers on level 22. But they met with a bad end." He has another drink of his narcotic beverage.

Stavros mock-frowns at Siya, then Kadi, then Siya again. He bursts out laughing. "I was going to say that trying that sort of 'mischief' on patrons and managers would be unbecoming for a bar owner, but- really? It probably isn't," he says dryly. Especially not on Nar Shaddaa. He looks at Oozlevort at the mention of Kanjiklub, but he leans on the bar, doing a bad job of feigning innocence.

Siya blinks at Ooz, "You will have to tell me more about this level 22 and the Kanjiklubbers." She says to him, smiling. She is about to say something else but, she pauses and a shiver comes from her. Her finger curl, digging her nails into the bar. "See.. i told you.. don't get into arm's length of a Zeltron man.." This is said to Kadi, though her gaze is focused rather intently on Stavros. "Two can play at this game.." She whispers, though her voice more sultry than before.

Kadi blinks, not quite sure what is going on, as she watches the two. "Uhm," she says slowly. "I somehow think there is mischief afoot, but it's passing me by. Which is not necessarily a bad thing." She moves her chair back, a little further out of reach of Stavros. (For Uli, Kadi has two drinks in front of her, Corellian ale and a Blue Comet. There are two droids at her feet, and Fluffy actually moves so his weight is balanced, ready to move in a heartbeat if need be. Or a droid's equivalent. Siya is behind the bar, and Stavros is standing near by.

Uli is now completely healed from a recent injury doing Very Legitimate Work(TM). And what better way to celebrate a return to health than with a drink? He shoulders open the door to the Blue Light and takes a moment to glance around. He's not on the clock - yet. Plus it would be a bad idea for him to pick pockets in this particular establishment. Something about not defecating where you consume nutrients.

"It was your idea, Siya." Stavros's protest rings a little hollow. He tries to look at the table rather than the Zeltron bartender. He only succeeds for a few seconds before he narrows his eyes slightly and bites his lower lip. Zeltrons don't blush, the legends say: his face does flush, but not out of embarrassment. He might be losing the chemical clash of wills, for when he deliberately tries to turn his head a different direction and spots Uli, he seizes the opportunity to take a reluctant step backward. He takes two deep breaths before greeting: "Hey Uli. You fit to drink yet, or are you just punishing yourself?" To Kadi, he says quietly, "Selective mischief." Then he looks over at Siya, raising an eyebrow. He takes a step closer, meets her eyes, but says with a smile, "Why don't you find the man a good whiskey? He likes it- neat."

Siya bites her lip as he takes a step back and it would seem she slowly relaxes. Her gaze turns to Kadi and she laughs softly, "Don't pay any attention.. Nothing horrible. Just, the two of us giving each other a hard time." All puns intended. "Zeltrons are bad for that." She laughs. Then she gets a little stiff again as Stavros is right there again, "Of course.. whiskey it is.." She eyes him from over her shoulder before stepping away to rummage distractedly through the bottles.

Kadi sips her ale, bringing that drink down to less than half. The frozen one gets another look, but she waits on that one. Her gaze goes over to the fellow that Stavros greets, and she nods her head, but she doesn't particularly recognize him. Fluffy settles down, as it seems Kadi is relaxing again. She tilts her head as she looks at both Stavros and Siya, frowning. "Somehow, that doesn't entirely make me feel better," she mutters. "But so long as you're happy with the way it's working out."

"Stavros. Getting into trouble." It's not a question. Uli moves towards the other man's location. "I can drink. Hundred percent healthy. For now," wry, that. "What's going on?" He looks to the gathered others and gives a soft smile of greeting.

"This is Kadi," Stavros introduces the woman with the two droids underfoot. "Her droids appear to be either sassy or dangerous. You know what they say about people and the company they keep."

"This is Uli Gosse." The Zeltron man gestures between the two. "He's in the Rebel Yell acquisitions team."

"And this is the lovely Siya, the best bartender I know, who is managing this place with me," Stavros finishes, gesturing towards the Zeltron woman currently getting Uli a whiskey.

He adds, "Don't tell Menzo I said that. He might take it hard."

Siya laughs softly at Kadi's comment. "I am sorry." She apologizes with sincerity. The bottle of whiskey is taken from the shelf and she begins to pour out the drink into a nice glass before offering it to Uli. "Enjoy there, handsome." She winks to him. "If this Menzo would take offense, I would be rather happy to have a competition with him. We can see who is the better tender."

Kadi returns Uli's smile, finishing her ale. "Nice to meet you, Uli Gosse. I work with the Waywards and while I admit I haven't met all of 'em, I do know Sar Yavok and a few of the Rebel Yell crew. We were on a mission with them to get a fighter, I think maybe Gren's? Only time I've ever been shot and I was not impressed." She's petite, slender and looks probably like a stiff breeze would knock her over. Probably not in the security field.

Kadi then turns to Siya. "It's fine. I'm sure Ax would say I've lived a sheltered live at the university. And then he'd wonder how I managed it, hanging out with the Greystorm kids. But that's beside the point. You two are more than welcome to do whatever it is you are doing, but I think you should probably keep me out of it, please and thank you."

"Stavros gives me too much credit. He's trying to teach me to be more of a top shelf guy instead of a 'whatever's cheap and on tap' guy," says Uli as he tugs the drink across the bar from Siya. "Thanks." His eyebrows go up at Kadi's words. "Funny how that works, yes? Happened to me as well. Blaster rifle to the shoulder. On my ass for a week even though I got shot through body armor." He raises the drink to his lips and takes a small sip. He tries to piece together the topic of conversation from snatches here and there. "Sounds like you're recruiting for something reckless and possibly lucrative, Stav."

"He generally works opposing hours," Stavros explains. "Thin guy, quiet, given to coy smiles? He's been with us a while, and he really knows his liquor." He shakes his head to Uli. "Not really either, I'm afraid, Uli. I'm taking the day off from fighting," he says wryly. "Drinking is easier. People are happier." Without pausing, he asks everyone abruptly, "Do you think this place would be better with a dance floor in the back? Like, really good soundproofing, so you don't ruin the ambience, in here, but- I'm thinking maybe."

Siya smiles up at Stavros. "That sounds fun." She glances at the time. "Oh.. I have to run for abit. i have something I need to have done." She sets the whiskey bottle back into it's place. "You guys have a good night if I don't see you again." She smiles to the assembled people. Though as she moves to depart, she passes close to Stavros and lifts a finger to point at him. "Behave." She follows that through with a wink.

Kadi gives Siya a wave. "Later, Siya," she says, raising her blue frozen drink in a toast. Her chuckle is rueful though when she turns back to Uli. "Isn't it just?" she asks, shaking her head. "It wasn't too bad, just a flesh wound and healed up quickly, but - I got shot through armour too." Ale is gone, gone, gone, but she's got this Blue Comet. She takes another sip, once the taste of the ale isn't so front and forward in her mouth, and makes a face. "Dance - I don't know. It could be a great idea, if you don't mind a bunch of us non-dancers trying to dance while singing off key."

Uli glances towards the area in question, then looks back to Stavros. He shrugs and sips from his drink. "Maybe? I have never stepped foot on a dance floor when it wasn't part of working, so I don't know what actually draws people." If no one objects, he cycles around behind the bar. He picks up a bottle and flips it around in his hand. Then, as Siya disappears, he adds, "He can't behave. I mean, I don't think he's physically capable of it." But he says that with a grin for Stavros. "I'm still pretty terrible at mixing drinks, but I can toss bottles around impressively."

"Uli," Stavros says in a long-suffering voice. "I always behave." His nostrils flare as Siya leaves. "I just don't always behave //well//." He shakes his head, but smiles at Kadi's words. "Isn't that most people at most clubs? It's about having fun, engaging a different crowd and giving the people who want to relax a place to shake it between drinks." He takes a long drink from his own glass. The blue surface and red remainder of the drink are starting to blend into purple. He tells Uli, "We'll have you memorizing liquors soon, so you can know what you're making. Do some of it in front of Yvie," he advises.

Kadi grins, settled nicely in her seat, and watches. "If I tried, I'm sure the bottles would all go every which way, and that would be a disastrous waste of good alcohol." She flashes a bright look towards Uli. "I think maybe there's a difference in definitions there. But - Stavros, you did say you didn't want to be bitten. Does that improve behaviour then?" And in point of fact, Kadi is actually teasing there. "I suspect you might want to do some more formal research before opening up a dance floor. Though I don't think we have dancing in the Corellian district do we?"

"What, so I can pretend like I'm completely straight?" says Uli with a flip of his wrist. "Just dispensing intoxicating beverages instead of getting shot at?" He examines the label on the bottle, then picks up another. He flips it around, then stalls it on his elbow before letting it drop. Those watching would be forgiven for expecting to hear a crash, but he manages to grab the bottle a few inches from the floor. Sheepishly, he replaces the bottle and wipes off his hands.

"I'm not aware of a place, Kadi. Not that I'd want to go to." Stavros becomes more animated, talking with his left hand while his right holds his current cocktail. "That's what made me think of it. And- well. Biting is-" He pauses long enough to let that comment die. "Could be separate. Maybe buy the place next door, share staff and kitchen? But I think back would be easier - or, below!" He looks down. "This is Nar Shaddaa, there's always //something// down there. Though, yeah- I wouldn't go investigate without a gun and backup. Which, conveniently," he smiles broadly, "I have."

"You don't need to lie to her, just, you know- remind her there's more to it," Stavros says. "I don't like you lying to her, but she's your sister, not mine." He finishes his drink. "Maybe stick to bottles of something cheap first?" he suggests, as Uli drops and recovers.

"Nice catch," Kadi says, her gaze on Uli's practicing. She is at least with it enough to not ask for clarification on the biting bit, though she does look down at Fluffy, meaningfully. Sheesh. Men. "I suppose that is true," she says, after a moment. "I have a workshop under the hangar, for instance." There's a half shrug, and a, "Probably a good idea in any case, though eventually we all have to graduate to the top level stuff, right? Getting shot at is totally not fun. But - I don't know, I suppose it could get boring just serving drinks."

"There's got to be something between getting shot at and serving drinks," says Uli. Speaking of, a few orders come in. He works at helping outwith anything not too complicated. Anything fancy gets referred to the actual bartender. It's his fault for going back there to show off.

As for his sister? "Mhmm. We came to an understanding. She won't flip her lid if I tell her the truth and I'll stop lying so much." Sounds reasonable.

"Oh, sure. Courier runs, snatch-and-grabs, infiltration, slicing - it's just," Stavros's shoulders rise, "There's a lot more money where there's risk. And supporting the people who take risks, because, yeah," he shrugs again, "We're gonna get shot. No one's luck holds out forever."

"We could have used you yesterday- remind me to tell you about the job sometime. Not all risks mean a firefight." He grins. "It can also mean explosions and punches and kicks."

Kadi just listens, since this is so far not her forte. "It's pretty scary to be near those firefights." Not in them, that really sucks. "But usually I just end up repairing things after the fighting's all done. Not guns or armour, but well - ships, mostly. Droids." She pipes up, at least partly to remind the two that they're not alone and others can perhaps hear them. She then sips at her drink, continuing to enjoy the Blue Comet. "Am I going to be able to walk when I finish this?" she muses, with a bit of a laugh.

After a couple of slow drink orders, the //actual// bartenders urge Uli to vacate his spot behind the bar. He's not good enough at it to not be a hindrance during the busy times. So, after topping up his own drink, he moves from behind the bar. "My luck held about ten minutes into my first mission." He purses his lips. "I am a little bit wary about going on another frontal assault mission, to be perfectly honest." He eyes the drink, then glances to Stavros and back. "That depends. Did he buy it for you?" He thumbs towards the Zeltron.

"I did not," Stavros says. "Siya made it. Siya is better at this than me. She remembers human alcohol tolerances." He looks at Kadi. "Hey, engineers and mechanics are worth their weight in ... whatever commodity is hot right now," he ends rather lamely. "And if you can't walk, we'll make sure you get back! We're still working out who the good cabbies are and who the bad ones are," he says, pushing his empty glass back across the bar. "But one of the good ones will get you there."

He looks around. "A half-shift change soon. I bet we could even send some people with you, if you're heading to the hangars at Parmac's. We'll take care of you," he promises. "Do you do contract work, or just Waywards stuff?"

Kadi looks at the drink. "Actually, I think Siya did." Cause that's got to be so much better, right? She grins though as Stavros answers ahead of her, barely. "That sounds promising," she says, though she tilts her head, interest piqued. "Why, do you have a shp that needs worked on?" A breath and then, "I've been known to help out a friend or two with some maintenance or repairs. Sand from desert planets is horrible, nasty stuff for shuttles. Or maybe it's just Wookiees with improving pilot skills." She rubs her arm briefly and then says, "I wasn't even shooting or anything. Just - there to help out in case of repairs or anything. Didn't much matter. Guess I'll have to work on that."

"Well, then you will probably be able to finish the drink without passing out." Uli pauses a beat, then adds, "...//probably//." He slides up onto a stool and sips the whiskey again. It's not something you drink down quickly, which is probably the point. If that were a pint, he'd be well into his second by now. "There's a hangar full of ships. I swear, Sar or someone brings in a new one every other day."

Stavros doesn't contradict Uli, nodding once at the growth of Rebel Yell's fleet. "I'm thinking of two in particular. If you're good with droids and electronics," he arches an eyebrow, "Then maybe we can start working out a way to shift fire control up to the pilot's console, _without_ overloading anything." He shrugs. "I gather it's more complicated than it sounds. Two Skipray Blastboats with multiple fire control consoles and loaded up with weapons."

"Aren't they supposed to have two people? Or at least a droid and a pilot?" Kadi asks, sounding a bit amused. "I mean, I am best with freighters, but I can work with most anything. Fixing things is always easier than actually modifying. And droids are just a hobby, more than anything. But I probably could putter with one if you aren't in a hurry or anything. That doesn't sound simple or straightforward, I gotta tell you. Though I haven't tried it before, so it might be easier than I'm thinking." Her gaze goes to Uli, and then she adds, "I don't think Stavros here is thet only one who can't behave."

"If there's one thing I've learned about Rebel Yell..." Uli begins, "...is they all believe you're capable of far more than //you// think you are." He claps Stavros on the shoulder as he speaks. "I'm not certain if this is a foolish thing or an admirable thing." He finishes off the rest of his whiskey and sets the glass on the bar. "I should get back. Yvie sleeps with one eye open until she hears me come in, I swear. We're still working at building trust back up."

Stavros makes a long face. "It takes four people, actually. But you can get by without a copilot. One person handles the front facing weapons: three ion cannons, missile launcher, torpedo launcher. Someone else handles the dual laser cannon turret remotely."

He holds his hands up helplessly. "It only really takes one person to fly it, and Razz helps keep it working and computes jumps. It'd be nice to be able to pull a trigger and shoot something when it flies right in front of you, you know?" He studies Kadi's face. "It's like being in a fight without a weapon, when you can't."

When Uli's hand rests on his shoulder, Stavros smiles. "It's kinda both, yeah. At least we don't also have a 'sink or swim' approach, right? Have a good night, Uli. Say hi to Yvie for me; tell me if she makes a sour face."

"Nice to meet you, Uli. Good luck with things." Kadi's smile is genuine and warm. She finishes her drink, and says, "Guess I should see if I can still stand up, right?" She gets to her feet, Lily moving and beeping in binary, 'Be careful, if you land on us, we'll break you.' Kadi reaches a hand to rap at Lily's chrome dome smartly. "Cut that out, you nerf herder." She stands up, and doesn't seem to be particularly woozy at all. A victorious smile crosses her face. "I like the folks I've met so far from Rebel Yell," she adds, as an aside. "Seems like a good group to be friends with."

Uli waves a hand when they start talking engineering. "Now that's really my cue to go." He grins. "Nice to meet you, too. See you later, Stav. I can report to you right now that Yvie is making a sour face. It's one of her favourite expressions." With that, the pickpocket rocks back a step, lifts a hand, then heads for the door.

"I haven't met many Waywards," Stavros admits. "But you've all been nice. I know we've fought together before, and that's enough for me." He doesn't appear to be exaggerating: that really is sufficient for him to put faith in the organization. He is still standing, as he has been all night. "You want me to grab a taxi anyway? It's no trouble, and Lily's got to keep up with you."

Kadi sobers at that, stepping back so she can see Stavros' face without craning her neck. "Lily does a good job keeping up, when she wants to." Fluffy is on his feet, doing a great impression of a dog stretching after a long nap. "And Fluffy has to slow down so he doesn't outpace us." She checks the time and then chuckles. "I'd take a taxi at this time anyway, it's too late to be roaming around." Her bag is scooped off the table, and she makes sure to pay the bartender, leaving a nice tip. "But if you're heading that way, I won't say no to some company."

"That sounds good. A pleasure meeting you, Kadi." Stavros drops a few credit chits on the counter, surveys the establishment one more time, and then heads for the door. There are taxis on call outside, in fact. It's a matter of moments to grab one. Stavros only boards once Kadi and her mechanical entourage are inside. He says to one of the bouncers outside, "Call me if you need me," and swings the entrance shut. Off the taxi goes. Destination: Parmac's.