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Wyrm Makes a Donation

OOC Date: February 22, 2016
Location: Outer Rim
Participants: Gren Delede(Also GM), Sar Yavok, Bar'duur, Jax Greystorm, Snap Wexley, Rebel Yell

Deep space out on the Rim. It's the edge of a system on the brink of perpetual anarchy. Gren Delede arranged to meet with Resistence contacts to transfer an old tramp freighter full of weapons and other gear to them. It is a rusty looking old ship, slow and frail. But, it is under escort. An A-wing, blue and white, that some might recognize as Last Call is flying point, the tip of a triangle formation with the freighter in the center. A Tie Avenger, and a Z-95 Headhunter are also part of the formation. At the moment, all is quiet. Just waiting on the Resistence types.

<<<Good work experience, Bar. Just a milk run to the Rim, a good chance to practice formation flying, and plotting hyperjumps.>>> Gren says conversationally over the comms. The older pilot is wearing his old Tie Flightsuit, though he's snug in the cockpit of his A-wing. He flips a switch on the comm unit, changing channels over to Sar and his private channel. <<<Sar. Watch out for him, if shit goes down. Wyrm's got mercs looking for these guns, last I heard.>>> Another switch over to the primary channel, and he clears his throat. <<<Tipsy 3, you stick 2's wing during the exchange.>>>

Sar Yavok is at the controls of his Porax-38, decked out in his Rebel Yell flight suit with an oxygen mask clipped over his mouth and running to a life support system further back in the ship. <<<Copy.>>> remarks a grizzled Corellian voice over the channel, belonging to Sar Yavok. He scratches at some stubble cropping up around his neck and adds <<<Tipsy 3, just stay safe. Don't try anything dumb, y'know?>>>

The white lines of hyper space fade away reverting to pin lights of stars in the distance. Jax starts to run down on Blue 2's systems. "Alright Exine. Looks like we're green. Keep your sensors peeled." The little R2 unit saying something. "It's a saying. I really don't expect.... No.. It's not stupid. Just watch the sky. You know what I mean." The pilot hitting a switch, "Everything checks out Blue Leader. Not getting anything on my scopes and Blue 2 is a go." Jax says moving into formation with Blue leader.

Bar'duur is suited up in his Tie fighter suit as well, the helmet modified slightly for a Zabrak to use. All the readouts are working nicely and as the man looks around at the ships flying about him, he only drifts a little before he stops looking so much and gets back in proper formation. <<<Yes sir.>>> says Bar over the com but he doesnt say more for now, just concentraiting on his flying and keeping a look out.

As Snap's x-wing slows to space speed out of it's hyperspace jump, the Blue leader begins tapping at some buttons and working on the controls, his droid beeps at him over the comm, indicating on the radar the detection of the formation they are to meet up with, that being the decrepit freighter. <<Blue 2, getting a good reading on the target>> Snap calls over his comm to Jax before heading in the direction of Gren, Bar, Sar and the freighter. <<Hey guys, you ever think of choosing just one type of ship? Or is it a challenge to dig up the oldest relics around the galaxy that you relish?>> He asks with a slight grin on his lips as he gets sight of the old a-wing and the other two ships.

<<Well. We don't want to get confused for professionals, X-wing. Don't diss my ship...saved your ass, last time I checked.>> Gren replies, recognizing Snap's voice, as he leads the Rebel Yell formation closer to the Resistence starfighters. <<Take her easy on the trip out of here. This damn freighter is a hunk of junk...it's hyperdrive has been on the fritz all damn day. They're working on it now.>> A quick glance at his sensors. <<Looks good, though. Quiet out here.>>>

<<<Plus, don't call Gren a relic. It's hurts his feelings,>>> remarks Sar across the open channel with a smirk, leaning his head back against his seat and groaning to himself, "I need a fuckin' nap."

<<Part of the fun, is finding the parts.>>> Remarks the Zabraki accented voice over the channel. Bar leans forward in his vessel keeping the stick stable by doing this slowly, looking out the window while the computer feeds him information via his helmet hud. <<<Quiet is fine with me.>>>

<<Following your lead Blue 1.>> Jax chuckles as Gren bust on Snap. Though for the moment he lets Snap handle the plesantries. His eyes on his scopes. "Don't like quiet. Something always goes wrong." Jax says to Exine. "What? Yeah yeah... I'm getting skeptical in my old age."

<<Right, well perhaps I can repay the favor of sorts this time, A-wing. I am Blue Leader, you can call me Snap. >> Replies Snap to the open channel between the transport. He then nods, even if he cannot be seen. <<Quiet before the storm, Blue 2?>>

<<<Nice to meet you, Snap...The rest of you, shut it. Quiet or not, you're going to jin...>>> Gren begins to complain, keeping his throttle set low, so he doesn't outtrun his comrades, or the slow freighter they are escorting. <<<Still no luck with the hyperdrive. Hope you didn't eat Rodian before the flight.>>> Because, shit. It could be a while. There is a brief flash on sensors, and suddenly the space around the Rebel Yell and Resistence ships breaks into chaos. What appears to be most of a squadron of mixed varieties of starfighters has left hyperspace almost right on top of them. Lasers and ion cannons are blasting away with little regard to actual targets, as the interlopers make sense of the tactical situation. <<<How in the hell!>>>

The attackers appear to consist of a variety of battered, and old ships, most of which seem to be on their last legs, with a few exceptions. A pair of Skiprays, and a large Assault Shuttle are the largest targets, while a pair of Y-wings, and an Cygnus Missile Boat also have some teeth. A trio of Z-95s make up a more standard flight wing, while a strange Ugly made up of TIE Interceptor and X-wing parts rounds out this motley crew. Or..

<<<Two and Three, focus on those Skips.>>> Because, Bar might actually be able to hit one of the Blastboats. Last Call's engines are kicked up, and the A-wings pilot weaves around a Z-95 that is waaay too close. He pulls the trigger, and lasers stitch into the hull of the X-Ceptor as it makes the mistake of crossing his path. <<<Splash one. Sar....how in the hell did they come out on top of us?!>>> Another jink around the wreckage of the crappiest ship in the system.

<<<No idea, Gren. Weren't you supposed to be looking out for stuff like that?>>> Sar remarks over the comms, cutting to the left and throttling up in an attempt to intercept one of the Skiprays. The Commander's shots fly wide, though. <<<Tipsy 3, stay on me.>>>

<<Well shit, way to jinx it Blue 2>> Snap calls out over the comm to his wing mate. Snap sees a big assault shuttle and shrugs. <<Blue 2, target that big Assault shuttle, it might have some nasty firepower.>> He hits a toggle and his ship goes into combat mode and he speeds up and zips off toward the Assault shuttle, coming in from its rear and upward, like an attacking bird of prey, his guns firing hard and fast, doing a significant amount of damage before pulling off at the last moment to circle back around in case Jax doesn't finish it off.

The pointy Tie that is designated as Tipsy 3 seems to shake briefly, as though the pilot was taken by suprise by the sudden appearance of hostiles and the ship is so sensative it is not really meant for new pilots, but there you have it. Bar'duur pulls the stick to the side and back when he hears the command. <<<On it Tipsy one.>>> he rings in acknowledgement and accellerates his vessel toward one of the Blastboats, streaking a few shots of green past it's starboard side, and hitting nothing.

Jax chuckles, <<Blue Leader, Don't blame this on me. This stuff never goes to plan. On it.>> Jax pulls backo on the S-foil lever and his wings spit into attack position. Jax maintains formation and as his cross hairs turn golden, Exine begins to make the chime sound he does when Jax has a lock. He pulls the trigger and his laser cannons eat away armor of the assault shuttle."

The Assault Shuttle? It was clearly planning on boarding the slow, still unable to jump, freighter. Now? It has much bigger problems. Hull open to vaccuum, shields down...it is an ugly situation. An uglier situation would be Bar'duur's. He's got an Assault Gunboat focused on his nimble, but inexpertly flown TIE. The Z-95's seem content to chase the X-wings, while the Y-wings are splitting their attention on Sar and Gren. The Skipray's turrets blast away at starfighters that stray too close, while they are setting up for an ion run on the cargo ship.

Last Call's pilot evades the red blaster bolts zipping past his starfighter, while he shunts a hair more power over to engines. <<<Don't look at me. I just arranged the escort...>>> Gren groans over the comms, while he hauls the hot rod around...<<<You still breathing, Three?>>> A flick of a switch, and his targeting computer switches over to warheads. A bit of pressure on right rudder, and then there is a grin, as a solid tone fills his helmet. A double tap. A tandem explosion leaves the Cygnus Starworks Missile Boat on Bar'duur's six spinning off into various directions, his own warheads exploding as it dies. <<<Because the asshole on your tail isn't, Horny.>>>

Sar Yavok obviously isn't having it today, an all-around grumpy look on his face as he pulls the throttle back slowly and positions himself behind a Skipray. A chime fills the empty air of his cockpit and he presses the firing nub on his control-stick, both of his lasers flashing to life as they rip through the big gunship's shields.

Bar'duur didnt expect them to be on him so quickly, the Zabrak emits a gruff growl, which may be audiable over the comms briefly before he pushes forward on the stick, hearing alarms starting to go off the man does the only thing he figures he should do to survive, and goes evasive, flying erraticly he zips side to side, spinning over and looping before arching off to the side, he's all over the place, breathing deeply, trying to maintain his calm and make himself the most evasive target he can for now, it would help if his shields would recharge faster, and he reaches out to fiddle with his power settings draining his weapons a bit to put into his shields.

<<Blue 2, take out that that missile boat, I'll finish off our little Assault shuttle buddy.>> Snap calls out over the comm unit before dropping in to attack and firing, a glancing blow, but it is just enough that the shuttle comes apart, but not dramatically, he fires a second shot as he's veering out of the way of any damage from flying bits, but he misses. Snap just shakes his head. "For fucks sake..." He mutters to himself, evasive manneuvering has him keeping out of any damage from the Z-95's on his and Jax's tail. <<Blue 2, how're you doin there?">>

<< Missile Boat already accounted for. Thank the A-wing for it.>> Jax's X-wing dances out of the way of the Z-95's laser canons, << of Coruse I'm alright.>> He comes looping around towards Snap and firing at the Z-95 on his tail. << But I will trade you.>>

<<<Keep us clear, damnit! We're taking systems damage! And we just found a stowaway. Looks like one of Wyrm's. Took care of him, but the hyperdrive still needs work!>>> This is transmitted from the escorted freighter, and sure enough, the Skipray's ions have done their job, atleast to a minor degree. Shields are down, and they're chipping away at the already shoddy ship's electronics.

<<<Beginning attack run on target designated Skip 2...>>> Gren informs the rest of the tactical net, looping around the Y-wing still trying to score a hit on his little ship, and hauling back on his throttle. He slows long enough to fire a burst at the Blastboat, but only manages to graze the large fighter-bomber's shields. <<<Piss. That was bloody useless.>>> His helmet begins to turn, as he scans the area...<<<Everyone still flying??>>>

The Hutt's men have taken an early drubbing. Bar'duur's crippled Avenger hasn't picked up much pursuit. Just the occasional deflection shot when he enters the odd firing arc. Otherwise, the Y-wings continue to hunt Rebel Yell, while the Z-95's dogfight with the X-wings.

"Fuck right off," Sar grumbles quietly, sending a concussion missile into the Skipray's cockpit, detonating the bulky gunship into a field of vapor and torn metal. <<<One Skipray's out.>>> he remarks, before catching a burst of fire from an incoming Y-Wing. He grunts as the shields take damage and shake his vessel, saying, "Alright, Rexie; get to work. I want those shields back at 100, you hear me?" The little green astromech chirps in affirmation.

Bar'duur weaves his Tie around for a few moments, long enough to notice he's no longer being targeted, and then he spies target, a Y-wing that is too busy shooting at someone to notice him, "That's right, ignore me I am injured.." and he immedeately pounces on the unsuspecting fighter/bomber, letting loose his quad blasters, he rotates a little and his targeting wanders a little but he sends most of the shots where they need to go, suprisingly. Unfortunately he doesnt manage to land enough to destroy the vessel, just give it a very bad day, worse at least than the Zabrak's own vessel. "Ha!"

<<Blue 2, get this damn ship off my tail whilst I take out this Y-wing picking at our buddies, then I'll swoop around after the one on your ass>> Snap calls over his comm, doing evasive maneuvers, but to evade being hit and to try and draw the z-95 into Jax's targeting path. Snap, sighting in on a Y-wing going over the Rebel Yell crew, Snap fires off a blast of shots, hitting solidly with his first blast and then straightening up out of his maneuvers momentarily, he aims a bit more solidly and completely obliterates the y-wing. <<And that, my friends is shooting.>> He clicks off of his comm and mutters to himself. "finally I get a good shot." He goes back into an evasive maneuver and begins heading straight up, attempting to do a circle and come back in behind the z-95.

<<Working on it Blue 2. This guy flies better than he shoots." Jax's blaster canons firing away and the Z-95 shields go down. " Switching to torpedos, Exine." He flicks a switch on his flight stick. "Lets see how you like this."

<<Nice shooting, Tipsy Three!>>> Gren shouts over the comms, enthuiastic for his young student as he scores his first hits in combat. Still, when he sees the Y-wing hauling over awkwardly to target the damaged Avenger, there is a sigh. He really should do something about this. <<<Thanks for the help, Snap!>>> He can conversate while he fights, right? He walks a line of red laser fire up the hull of Bar'duur's attacker, sending damaged engine pods flying in two directions, and snapping the Wishbone. <<<Scratch three.>>>

<<<Hyperdrive is fixed! We need the jump coordinates!>>> Because, that was why they were here, to transfer escort and get new coords from the Resistence types. <<<We're still taking damage! Don't forget about us!>>> Some nervous nellies on that rust bucket. But, atleast they can split soon.

The Headhunters try to split up to cover all the possible targets, while the Skipray, lightly damaged as it might be, continues to pump ion blasts at the freighter. The attackers are clearly losing this fight.

<<<Gonna try and end this other boat>>> remarks Sar, the Firebrand pulling quickly to the left and positioning himself over the Skipray. He presses the stick forward slowly and trains in on the chunky Blastboat. He presses the nub down and lets loose two laser barrages, tearing the ship apart. <<<And another one. Keep this up and I'll be back to Nar in time for the Dirk Steele marathon.>>>

Bar'duur took too long to concentrait on the Y-wing he had been attacking it seems, and neglected to keep moving to avoid incoming fire. Soon enough the tables are turned and the Tie Avenger takes a few more hits tearing through it's shields the Zabrak pilot cant seem to shake them and soon the fighter starts to spin out of control it's ion engines flickering then going dark, leaving Tipsy 3 helpless. <<<Aaaagh, they knocked out my ship, this is Tipsy three calling distress." says the Zabraki accented voice over the coms as he tries to flip switches and turn knobs. "Come on, you can do it, come on." He doesnt know anything about how machines work, so all he can do is keep trying the restart sequence and hope his crippled fighter will come back to life.

Through evasive maneuvers and keeping the throttle cranked up, Snap managed to catch up to the z-95 that /had/ been on Jax's tail through most of the fight, even if Jax himself is behind Snap, finishing off the z-95 that had been buggering at him the whole time. Snap fires a blast, doing heavy damage and follows it with another blas, most of which glances off into space, but a few of the laser bursts catch the ship, which is now heavily damaged. He calls back to his droid. "Send those coordinates to the freighter" He tells it before calling to the Yell crew <<Coordinates patching through to the freighter from my droid.>>

Jax fires a torpedo at the head hunter as the fighter draws a bead on Blue Leader. Then the 95 promplty becomes one with the Force. << You're all good boss.>> He starts to run down things, << We're golden here. Last Call how's your boys? Everythings running right?>>

<<<We're clear. Looks like Horny is going to need a lift...>>> Gren sighs, kicking the A-wing around, and tearing through the void toward the last pair of Headhunters. He fires a pair of bursts toward the unharmed one following Snap. <<<Horny. Hang in there. We'll have to call Phoenix to head out to pick you up. We'll keep you company. No worries, pal.>>> And, he begins to regret having had a big damned lunch. <<<Let's frag these fucks, so you two can get these guns to folks who can use them, yeah?>>>

<<<Speak for yourself, Gramps. I've got a proceedural cop drama to watch.>>> Sar remarks over the public comms. He smirks and closes the channel, attempting to position himself behind one of the quick-moving Headhunters. Unfortunately, Sar's shots go wide. <<<Negative damage on the Z-95.>>>

As his droid informs him the coordinates have been transmitted, Snap zips back after the z-95 he had nearly put out of business, finishing it off in a dramatic fashion. <<You're good to go, freighter, head out>> Snap calls then to Jax. <<Blue 2, lets get out of here so we can finish this up.>>

<<<Uhh, thank you.>>> Says the Zabrak somewhat ashamedly. <<<My systems are not responding.>>> Just an update, all Bar can do is mess with controls but he just has auxiliary systems, and his engines are knocked out, maybee if he was some sort of ship expert he could figure out how to get the engines to work, but he is not, and so he sits there feeling rather.. useless.