Lorana Adella

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Lorana was born to a pair of traders, Lorak and Lydara who worked the Outer Rim on their ship, the Sprit of Fire. She helped out with keeping the ship running. When she was 3, her younger sister A'isha was born, who took a different path. Much like her sister, Lorana has a knack for languages.


Currently Lorana is working several jobs: Cargo hauling (which she's cut back on); Translation and other services for Sesti_Greystorm, the Iridonian Senator; running a resteraunt, Riso's Steakhouse, on Chandrilla.

RP hooks

  • Translation. Lorana knows a number of languages and is available as a translator
  • Piloting. She's for hire to fly people and things to places.
  • Politics. She's seen on Chandrilla in and around the Senate Building.
  • Steakhouse. She's spends time at Riso's Steakhouse on Chandrilla.
  • Freighter brat. Grew up on starships. Sometimes hangs round cantina's in/near whatever starport her ship, the Shadowdancer, is landed at.