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Important Information

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Age: 18

DOB: 17th of Helona 1142

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 180lbs

Hair Color: Brown (But often dyed)

Eye Color: Emerald Green (But often wearing colored contacts)

Known For: Lyra is a novice bounty hunter just getting out there and making a name for herself. At this time she's best known by her step-mother, Drynda's, reputation. Drynda was a locally born bounty hunter on Nar Shaddaa. She's also known for her mother's association with the First Order.

Zelosian Wiki:

Brief Biography

Born on Zelos II, Lyra's parents moved them to Nar Shaddaa when her mother grew ill with a Zelosian illness that they simply could not afford to have treated. After taking out loans and falling into gambling debt he could not pay back, her father was jumped one day on his way home from work. Lyra's mother passed away not too long after leaving Lyra to be claimed by a Human Bounty Hunter by the name of Drynda.

Drynda was a reputable Bounty Hunter that took Lyra with her as frequently as possible, training her to follow in her own foot steps. The girl was trained long and hard up until the point of her step-mother's death.

RP Hooks/Passions and Hobbies

Money: Lyra is said to really like to topic of earning money.

Working Out: Lyra is fit. She's not the strongest woman you've ever met but she's still pretty fit. More than that she enjoys a good workout be it the traditional run or a good spar.

Marksmanship: A gun in her hand since she was old enough to squeeze a trigger, Lyra is a marksman and enjoys going to the range.

Knives: Much like a gun, Lyra has been taught to throw knives since she was a child. She enjoys a good challenge with throwing knives and even more simply darts.

Dancing: Although she's not the best dancer there is, Lyra does enjoy getting up and moving. Who cares if she makes a fool of herself while doing it!?

Character Impressions

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- Lyra was left a small fortune when her her step-mother, Drynda, died. -> Unconfirmed

- It was actually Lyra that killed her step-mother in a fit of rage. -> Unconfirmed

- Lyra isn't as young as she looks. -> Unconfirmed

- Lyra, sweet though she looks, is a cold-blooded killer. -> Unconfirmed

- Drynda, her step-mother, promised the First Order that Lyra would join their ranks. -> Confirmed

- Lyra murdered her mother and father and then her step-mother. -> Denied as "ridiculous" but Unconfirmed

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Additional Photos

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