Lysindria Thrace

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Lysindria was taken from her family very early in life to live at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant where she underwent training on the path of the Jedi. Her parents realized that they could not give the girl the proper training needed to keep control of her powers that she was manifesting. Lys didnt quite understand why her parents left her and she would never be able to ask them given they died in transit back to their home. Whether it was a malfunction on the ship or a murder was something that has never been answered. Something that never really needed to be looked into.

Lys tends to be a quiet person who enjoys reading and learning new things. She tends to be a sponge and absorbs knowledge quickly. Which her Master tended to hate when shed rush into training instead of taking it slow. But the girl was eager to please and since she had no parents to impress, she tried to do that for her trainers. As she grew older her skills outside of the Force fell into information gathering and following targets that were important to the Jedi Order. There were plenty of times that she needed to disguise herself as someone else and not be recognized as what she was. There's always someone that has to go get their hands dirty. No matter if you are on the Light side or the Dark side.

Lys favors her lightsaber over blasters when she has to fight. Thinking that the blasters and rifles are uncivilized weapons, but shes also not too proud to retreat should a fight look like its out of hand or going to get her or her allies hurt badly. Theres always the time to come back and fight. With her having to sometimes be a private person she's had to learn to Mask her Force. She's not a Master at it. But it's saved her a few times. It also helps when she's on a critical mission where someone sensing a Force user that turns out to be a Jedi Knight would break her cover completely.