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Maeb'h's childhood was not a pleasant one. Her mother escaped into an old freighter ship, after being banned from the home planet of Wroona, for having different spiritual and political opinions than the current regime. In that old freighter, it is there that Maeb'h took her first ragged breath. Mae's mother loved her and despite her current situation of being hidden on this ship, she wanted better for her child. The Freighter landed on Tatooine and mother and daughter escaped from the ship into the vast sandy region of Mos Eisley. Mae's mother found work at the spaceport in Mos Eisley, giving Mae a growing curiosity towards the underbelly of life and a proper education in scum and villainy. She learned all the wrong things, the right way. She never knew her father and when her mother would speak of the home world, it was with bitter words and a profound sadness.

Growing up in Mos Eisley, Mae's most significant events in life have been just that; LIFE. How to kill, how to trade information, everything one might expect that would shape a young girl into a Pirate. When her mother died, this affected her greatly. This event took any kindness and softness away from her. That part of her died with her mother.


Now, in her mid 40s, the anger and bitterness she once felt towards the world, due to how she grew up and the death of her mother, Mae has mellowed some. She owns the Pazaak and Tabac - a one stop shop for Sabacc, booze, and tabac. Her shop is located in the Starport District of Nar Shaddaa. She can be seen there often and goes out of her way to ensure her patrons have a good time. Mae is quite proud of the Pazaak and Tabac and its reputation for non-violence. She often treats her 'regulars' to free drink and tabac.

Captian Mae's business interests have grown and she has a new business on Bimmisaari in the Saari Ha system. Moreland's Armors is her latest investment. The store carries a wide range of armor for the sportsman to the tactical soldier.


Now that Mae has her own ship, she would like to open more businesses with vendors on different planets.

Professional Communicator -

RP Hooks

Drink/Smoke - Like to relax with a good stiff drink and a hand rolled cigar? Come see Mae at the Pazaak and Tabac and listen to the band!

Tatoonie? - Perhaps you grew up in or around the same area of Mos Eisley as Mae did. Maybe you remember seeing that strange blue skinned child with wild amber eyes??

Wanderer - Mae's younger days included many planets, cultures, and peoples. Not to say anything about the plunder she often came away with or how she might have killed one or most of your family??