Malik Ren

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Malik Ren

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Coruscant
Organization: Knights of Ren



Malik Ren was once the disgraced scion of a noble Coruscanti house. Now he's something better, or worse.

Malik is missing and presumed dead, following a reactor explosion on Coruscant. But is he really gone?





Art by Kasia



Most likely to kill Malik, from least likely to most likely

13. Imani
12. Tamsin
11. Andy
10. Bazine
9. Vandred
8. Jacali
7. Tarq
6. Erisi
5. Sebek
4. Errod
3. Syrus
2. Malik
1. Oozlevort


Erisi (Eri) pages: I hate us both right now. You moreso.

-(OOC)- Syrus Volo says, "My mind is now awash with images of my own butt."

-(OOC)- Ambrosia Greystorm finally gets to writing her homework
-(OOC)- Ambrosia Greystorm says, "Just in time for Malik to flip us the bird (or a cool cape twirl)"
-(OOC)- Malik Ren says, "Lol"
-(OOC)- Malik Ren says, "Malik is still a dick. His hair is longer. I don't know if Oran actually changed somehow or if he just went a little bit insane, it's really even odds there. He tried to trade me prison wine for my boots. End of report. xoxo Amber."
-(OOC)- Ambrosia Greystorm says, "P.S. This prison wine is DA BOOOOOOOMB"
-(OOC)- Malik Ren says, "lol lol lol"
-(OOC)- Ambrosia Greystorm says, "P.P.S. I need new boots."

-(OOC)- Jacali says, "It's alright. You're pretty, don't gotta be smart."

(:Public:) Oozlevort (o) says, "We can't have my brand associated suicides, we'll just say Malik died in a tragic autoerotic asphyxiation accident"

-(OOC)- Malik Ren says, "It's a shame I have no personality, cause I got great legs."
-(OOC)- Tarq Najjic says, "Malik, with legs that great, people wouldn't be looking for your personality in the first place."

-(OOC)- Tarq Najjic says, "Let he who has never accidentally skipped someone cast the first stone."
-(OOC)- Syrus casts the third stone, as he got confused by stone throwing order.

-(OOC)- Tarq Najjic says, "It's true. You resolved the situation non-violently and then killed everyone anyway. Which is more hardcore than I expected, no lie."