Manco Raveen

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Manco Raveen

Title: N/A
Race: Uknown
Sex: Male
Profession: Gangster
Homeworld: Ankhural
Organization: Crimson Dawn
Ship: N/A

Profile icon is by Brian Matyas.


Raveen's mother Koora and a handful of other members of her species were Death Watch Foundlings who were saved after a Seperatist attack on their homeworld, their system a veritable hot-bed of valuable resources. Raised steeped in the Mandalorian ways, Koora eventually fell in love with a young warrior from her homeworld, Hakko, and the two were wed. They would eventually have a son; young Manco.

Brought up in the waning age of the Death Watch and Mandalorians as a whole, but still taught the tenants of the Way of the Mandalore, Manco was found to be an extremely devout follower.

He would eventually set out on his own in search of more foundlings, the only chance the Way would ever have of surviving.

He'd raise a few as his own; some would live, some wouldn't.

Rebounding from personal tragedy, Manco found work with Crimson Dawn as a bodyguard and enforcer.


This man is a pretty sizable six feet and two inches and he's broad shouldered. His voice is deep, gravelly, and measured, and he carries himself with equal parts confidence and contemplation. That's about all that can be surmised about him as any more defining characteristics are covered by his armor.

RP Hooks

Death Watch - Love them or hate them, the Death Watch are an integral part of Mandalore's history.

The Way - Despite his feelings on most other Mandalorians, he'll never refuse one aid.

Criminal - As a tried and true member of the criminal underworld, Manco is always readily available as a goon for any and all plots that need one.

Not a Bounty Hunter - While he's eschewed the path of most of his kin, Manco can still be called upon for things that require a gunhand. (kidnappings, assassinations, asset protection, etc.)