Mara Jade

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Early Life

Mara Jade was an inquisitive and curious child in her early life, no different from any number of children on hundreds, if not thousands of worlds across the galaxy. If it were not for her Force Sensitivity, she would have likely escaped the notice of the Snoke; the individual who would come to form the First Order.

She remembers little of that life now save two distinct memories. The first being the time she got in trouble for breaking a falling-star globe (Snow Globe equivalent) so that she could figure out how it worked. The second being the reluctance of her parents to allow her to go with Snoke, if they had even truly allowed her to go with the man.

What she doesn’t know, haunts her because she doesn’t think she’ll ever get those memories back.


There was no more being a child for Mara Jade. She was trained and carefully over the course of her young life without any care for her safety and well-being; if she had been weak enough to fall, she would not have been worthy of the tasks ahead of her.

A mixture of indoctrination and conditioning was built into her daily regimen, insuring that her loyalties would lay with Snoke and the First Order; slowly eroding the girl she once was.

As the years went on, that girl disappeared entirely leaving only a weapon behind.

A killer. Trained in a variety of combat and espionage techniques with the power of the Force behind her.

She had become a weapon. Nothing more. Nothing less.

The First Order

Mara’s earliest missions as part of the First Order would occur before the organization was ever even known about. Most of her activities centered around assassination and the retrieval of information, working tirelessly and with unquestionable loyalty to her Master.

Most missions, she left behind no witnesses to her presence, with a single exception in her teenage years. A Squad of Stormtroopers were trapped in the wreckage of a troop transport, they would have died if not for her intervention; consigned to a slow but inevitable death as the wreckage trapping them caught on fire.

It was her first true and real act of compassion. Instead of leaving those men to die, for the first time in her life, she acted on her own without orders. She freed them. She never said who she was, but the words of Sergeant Ben Grindle were never forgotten by her, “You’re a hero. We owe you our lives.”. In fact, they haunted her.

As she followed her orders without question, she began to wonder if she was truly on the right side of the conflict that would one day overwhelm the galaxy.

New Assignment

Less than a year ago, Mara would be called on for her most important task yet by Snoke. She was assigned to aid Kylo Ren, the favored pupil of her Master in his endeavors, as well as track down the legendary Jedi Master; Luke Skywalker. The Last of the Jedi. Mara was honored by the responsibility that had been given on to her. She swore she would not fail.

Hearing rumors of a man who may have had information about the fabled Jedi Master, she began an undercover mission to infiltrate the seedy underbelly of Nar Shadaa.

Nar Shaddaa

There was an advantage to being entirely unknown except by the people you served; it made undercover missions far easier. Unlike most of her prior missions, Mara did not rely on disguises or temporary identities; she was just herself.

Posing as a down on her luck Smuggler, Mara eventually found employment with the majestic Eebua the Hutt; serving as an entertainer in the court of the Hutt putting her singing and dancing skills to good use. To most, she was just another pretty face.

As the days turned to weeks and the weeks to months in her longest assignment yet, Mara found herself beginning to care about the people on this world; slowly realizing that they were more than just collateral damage, their lives were worth something.

Finally, the individual she had been tracking down had surfaced to her. A mistake had been made by Rax Vaelus and Mara Jade was able to track down the Force User she believed had information on Skywalker.

More Than a Weapon

Luminous Future

The Quest Begins