Maz Kanata's Castle

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"She's run this watering hole for a thousand years. Maz is a bit of an acquired taste, so let me do the talking. And whatever you do, don't stare..."
           ―Han Solo

Location Background and History

A castle located on the planet of Takodana on the shore of a lake that was owned by the pirate Maz Kanata around thirty years after the Battle of Endor. It had a main hall and hosted travelers and smugglers, among others. It had sensor grids and advanced communications gear and was rumored to have been a battleground for the Jedi and Sith. It was destroyed when the First Order attacked the castle in an attempt to capture the droid BB-8. Before the Battle on Takodana, a group of musicians composed of Sudswater Dillifay Glon, Infrablue Zedbeddy Coggins, Ubert Quaril, and Taybin Ralorsa played here.

Exterior Maz castle.jpeg

Cast of Characters

The castle is a vibrant hub of every thing for each reach of the galaxy. Theieves, spies, smugglers and even the occasional bounty hunter.

Maz Kanata castle cast.png

A slew of Musicians...

Maz band.jpg

And of course Cookie Maz Kanata's long time cook