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Like many members of the Jedi Order, Meetra Surik was taken from her home at a young age and raised in the Jedi temple on Dantooine. A willful child, Meetra was none the less a talented pupil and trained under many masters within the temple, notably Jedi Master Kavar who took the girl as an informal Padawan and Virma Sunrider who would Master Sunrider would often caution the young Surik to be mindful of her powers, especially her aptitude for severing one's connection to the Force. While she was talented with the Force, one of Meetra's greatest (and to some masters, most concerning) attributes was the unnatrual ease in which she formed bonds through the force with others. While this made her a great leader, some often worried that should she fall, she might drag others with her through those bonds alone.

As a Padawan, she chose to disobey the orders of the Jedi High Council and aid the Galactic Republic in its war against the invading Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. Rising to the rank of Jedi Knight during the conflict, she served with distinction under the command of her fellow Crusaders Revan and Malak and was eventually commissioned as a General in the Republic Military.

Meetra served a vital role in defeating the Mandalorians in the later stages of the war, becoming renowned for her tactical brilliance and leadership. Her most infamous act and significant event in her life however was the 'Battle of Malachor V'. During the Battle of Malachor V, as Revan did battle with Mandalore the Ultimate aboard the warlord's flagship Meetra was placed in command of the Loyalist fleet surrounding the planet. As Republic and Mandalorian forces around from the planet itself continued to clash, Surik ordered the activation of the Mass Shadow Generator superweapon to prevent the Mandalorian forces they faced from overwhelming them and moving on to attack Revan's forces from behind, something that would have lead to the loss of the war and the fall of the Republic. In an instant, Malachor's gravity crushed every combatant in and around its atmosphereMandalorian, Republic, and Jedi alike. Malachor's surface was transformed into a barren, shattered and lifeless wastelandall of Revan's enemies were eliminated in a single stroke. The planet was left scarred from the battle as the surface had been obliterated.

Meetra Surik, the Jedi General who had brought the war to its cataclysmic conclusion proved incapable of withstanding the psychic backlash of the destructive energies that she had unleashed. The concentrated deaths of so many Jedi, Mandalorians, and Republic soldiers all at once created a immense Wound in the Force. The only way for her to endure it was to unconsciously deafen herself to the Force. Thereafter she was deafened to its call; incapable of sensing it through the interference caused by the echoes of the suffering that she had witnessed. Unlike others, Meetra returned to the Jedi Order have the war only to face exile for her actions. She would travel to the outer Rim, wandering and trying to forget the war, the Republic and the Force itself that she had become a horrific wound within.

The force however, would not be denied forever at fate conspired to draw Meetra in once more to the galaxy she had left behind.

RP Hooks

  • What happened?: Meetra left beyond the outer rim after her exile and severing her connection to the force, only to have returned as powerful as ever if not moreso...yet she never seems willing to talk about what happened.
  • 'Old Soldier': Meetra left to fight a War when she was barely more than a child. While she was extremely talented, the Mandalorian wars and the decisions she made have taken their toll.
  • Controversial Teacher: Not everyone is happy about Meetra's return nor her rejoining the Order as there are many who stand by her original exiling. Are you an unhappy Knight, Padawan or Master? Are you one who is curious about the woman and the lessons she might teach.
  • The General: Meetra Surik was the most accomplished general of the Mandalorian Wars aside from Revan himself, some see this as a positive or negative. Jedi? Sith? Perhaps a Mandalorian or a Republic soldier? All may have their own reactions.
  • Martial Artist: Time in the war and her experiences during her exile have lead to Meetra training under some unexpected and unconventional masters. Even without her lightsaber, Meetra has been known to practice Martial Arts with similarly interested individuals, including Echani and Mandalorian fighting techniques.
  • Natural Linguist: Meetra has a talent for languages and seems happy to converse or practice most with anyone who might speak them.
  • Stare into the Abyss: Those talented in their sensing of the force who look deeper into Meetra's presence within the force may not like what they see. A wound, a void, some have even gone so far as to say death itself lingers behind her aura ever since the fateful battle of Malachor V.