Migs Mayfeld

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Name: Migs Mayfeld
Inmate #: I34667
Homeworld: Unknown
Year: 9 ABY
Charges: Accessory to Murder, Aiding and Abetting, Assault and Battery, Breaking and Entering, Smuggling, Destruction of Property

Little is known about Mayfeld’s past. Family, homeworld, holdings: he remained diligently evasive. A naturally abrasive and hot-headed man, he answered all inquiries with verbal hostility. Records do show that he was an Imperial soldier during the Galactic Civil War, but when questioned Mayfeld would exhibit elevated levels of distress and agitation.

Mayfeld was a known wanted criminal of the New Republic as a member of Ranzar Malk’s crew. He was serving a fifty-year sentence on Karthon for his participation in raiding a Republic correctional vessel Bothan-Five, attempting to free a prisoner, and the murder of a New Republic officer Lant Davan. Placed into the custody of Marshal Cara Dune, Mayfeld was transported from Karthon to Morak to aide in efforts benefiting the New Republic in exchange for consideration of a reduced sentence. An attack on an Imperial remnant mining facility was successful, but ultimately led to Mayfeld’s death in the refinery’s explosion.

Considered KIA. His body was never recov--- [FILE DELETED]