Minka Vegastar

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Minka Vegastar

Race: Human (Replica Droid)
Sex: Female
Occupation: Slicer
Profession: Swoop Racer
Homeworld: Corellia


Minka Vegastar is a name that's entered the amateur racing circuits as early as a year ago. Though young, she's quickly making a name for herself, and she'd likely be recognizable to those that follow the circuits closely. She's also earned herself some repute among the illegal circuits, racing more modded swoops in more dangerous terrain for the thrills and the extra prizes. She's not known to be part of any gangs, but there have been whispers of a few talking about recruiting her, especially given her attitude and her abilities as a slicer.

The holonet name "Echo" has been making a resurgence after about a year of going dark. Originally famous among other slicers for writing much more difficult to detect and defeat worms that map networks and report terminal usage back to their source, "Echo" has been a go-to name for cyber security on the holonet for the last five years or so, responsible for revealing vulnerabilities in several large corporate networks and a couple of planetary governments. "Echo" is known to work for profit without asking many questions but also seems content to be an otherwise purely chaotic figure on the holonet.

Minka largely keeps her holonet name "Echo" intentionally separate from her real identity, though both are aspects of her desire to be a thrill-seeker, constantly pushing limits and testing her own abilities.

RP Hooks

  • HRD: Minka is a Human Replica Droid, though even she doesn't realize it.
  • Swoop Racer: Minka has been making a name for herself both on the amateur and illegal swoop circuits as an up and coming racer that can challenge the competition.
  • Combat Skills: Minka doesn't know, but she's been programmed to avoid attacking people unless she has to.
  • Echo: The HoloNet pseudonym "Echo" has been around for about five years, stirring up trouble as a notable slicer for hire.