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The Misadventure is a completely rebuilt Subpro Quadrijet transfer spacetug, originally destroyed on the planet Jakku during an attack by the First Order on a scavenger settlement. The burned-out remains were purchased by Tamrae, the frame cleaned up and repaired, and the ship rebuilt from the ground up as part of her engineering apprenticeship with master engineer Qadira Suuryet. The craft is painted blue with a diagonal white stripe just behind the cockpit on either side, with the insignia of the Array Consortium set in the center of the stripe.


The "quadjumper" is built around four cylindrical thrusters had engine intakes located at the front, behind which are a series of compressor blades for the turbine engines used in atmospheric flight. The ship is built for speed and the ability to move large masses of cargo and ships but is quite maneuverable when not towing.

Above the vessel's cockpit is housed a tow cable underneath the rear hatch at the back of the ship. The bow cockpit is just large enough to hold three people, with an angular transparisteel bubble surrounding the cockpit with the pilot seat at the front. Two passenger seats are located behind the pilot's seat that can be folded away in order to allow access between the cabin and the cockpit. A small cabin itself takes up the central space between the four thrusters, including a crew bunk built into the side wall with an airlock exiting the ship at the back. A retractable cargo crane is stowed directly above the cabin on the roof of the ship. Magnetic clamps used to attach the vessel to freight containers are located above the cockpit of the tug


The Misadventure lacks any standard armament but has a much more powerful tractor system than standard, capable of securely anchoring even large ships.

Deck Plans