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She's tiny, she's adorable, she'll rip your fucking throat out.
Thanks goes to Nyla Forr for all images, because she's the best and contains more talent in her left pinky finger than I will ever posses anywhere.


A rare sight outside of their home planet, Kushiban are typically loathe to leave their simple lives. However, such exceptions exist: Mujiji was not one of these exceptions.
After she was stolen from Kushibah by the pirate Sar’lok, a young Mujiji was funneled into the darkest corners of the slave trade. She passed through a variety of “employers” but the most notable was the lady Miya and her son, Malt Taxpee. Malt, a bounty hunter, had a different use for the tiny Kushiban in mind, and trained her as his unwilling apprentice… By the time she used the skills he had forced upon her to kill him, she had been a slave for 18 years.
After stealing as many of Malt’s belongings as she could, Moo fled onto a departing ship – that of the mercenary Vakorba, who over the next seven years became her only friend and valued partner in business.
Some "good" came of her lifetime imprisonment: she has a firm grasp on basic and is incredibly well-traveled - an opportunity that never would have been awarded to her otherwise. The trade off for this, of course, was a life of abuse that has resulted in a torn psyche and a wildly unpredictable streak of violence that contrasts with that cute, fuzzy, face.


Why, yes. I’m glad you asked.
Since the tragic loss of their prized ship, The Mudafugr, Moo and her intrepid partner have set up shop on Nar Shaddaa until they can get the Fugr back. Between the shadier (and well paying) gigs they may acquire, you may have your pet needs - exotic or otherwise - covered by their semi-legitimate front. They are the ones to call if you are in need of an exotic pet, however if you ask the right questions you may gain access to the other goods and services they have to offer...

Hired Thug

"If you want somebody dead, you hire an assassin. If you want someone to die in the most demoralizing way possible, you hire a tiny, adorable, sentient rabbit to shoot their dicks off."

The Hooks

Former Slave: perhaps you know each other through a former ‘home’, or perhaps you’re a master whose hands she passed through.
Conspicuous: despite her best attempts, Moo stands out in a crowd. Kushiban are incredibly rare outside of their home planet and she is used to drawing attention.
Seeking Companionship?: along with Vakorba, she runs a pet business in the seedy Ko Hentota district.
Seeking… Other Things?: if you ask the right questions, and pay the right price, you can hire their time out for other services.
Death Wish: pet her. I dare you.


Do you want a connection – past, present, or future – with Moo? Just drop me a page or an @mail and we’ll hash something out!

Asiir Cull: kind of his bitch until he gets the Mudafugr back for us and takes over the world, or whatever.
Vakorba: the only trustworthy piece of shit this side of the galaxy, and your face looks like a vagina.
Por Por Frills: I AM NOT FOOD


WTF is a Kushiban?

This is a Kushiban

I lol’d

-(OOC)- Mujiji says, "Sup"
-(OOC)- Vakorba says, "Shut your damn mouth, Jiji."

Por Por Frils tests his Knowledge:culinary arts skill at a 100 difficulty.
+SUCCESS+ (12)

<Defiance> Tarion Tavers says, "Mujiji wouldn't kill you but she would strap your testicles on the prow as a hood ornament."