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Muunilinst is a Muun colony world and the headquarters of the InterGalactic Banking Clan.

Astrographical information

  • Region: Outer Rim Territories
  • Sector: Obtrexta sector
  • System: Muunilinst system
  • Suns: 1: Muunilinst
  • Moons: 2
  • Trade Routes: Braxant Run, Entralla Route
  • Rotation Period: 28 standard hours
  • Orbital Period: 412 standard days
  • Also Known As: Moneyland
  • Pronunciation Guide: MYOON-il-ist". The second "n" is silent. (Galactic Basic)

Planetary Information

  • Class: Terrestrial
  • Diameter: 13,800 km
  • Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Gravity: Standard
  • Primary Terrain: Plains, Forests, Hills, Mountains, Cities

Societal Information


The Council of Banking Clans is the governing body of the planet Muunilinst.


  • 5 billion:
    • 99% Muun
    • 1% other


  • Aqualish
  • Bith
  • Bothan
  • Human
  • Iotran
  • Ithorian
  • Muun
  • Sullustan
  • Twi'lek

Primary Languages

  • Muun
  • Galactic Basic Standard
  • Imperial Basic

Geographical Features

Muunilinst is a lush world of forests, plains, and tall, jagged mountain peaks. Its skies are said to be the most beautiful in the galaxy. The planet has a liquid iron core, a strong magnetic field, and is volcanically active. Shallow oceans contain hundreds of "smokers," conical volcanoes built up by powerful vents in the crust. Many, though not all, of these smokers spew out superheated gases containing rich, pure precious metals from the planet's core. The very cones surrounding these vents are made up of layers of precious metals, mixed in with the mollusks, tube-worms, and bioluminescent ferns nurtured by the heat and water. It is these natural formations that provided the Muun with the almost inexhaustible wealth to guarantee the credits of the entire galaxy.

Major Cities

  • Harnaidan (capital)
  • Mariunhus
  • Munn City
  • Pilaan

Significant Locations

  • High Port Space Center
  • InterGalactic Banking Clan Headquarters
  • Western Sea

Planetary Defenses

  • 2 Golan III Battle Platforms
  • Refresh Droids
  • IG-227 Hailfire-class Droid Tank
  • InterGalactic Banking Clan Gun Platform
  • Munificent-class Star Frigate
  • Harnaidan Defensive Cannon
  • IG-100 MagnaGuard (Presumed Deactivated)
  • IG-series battle droids (Presumed Deactivated)
  • Ground Armored Tank (Presumed Deactivated)