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History and Background

  "I'm not sure if NSec is protecting us from criminals, or surrounding us with them."
      - Nar Shaddaa Citizen

Nar Shaddaa's starport district is protected primarily by NSec. A private security company that is hired by Parmac's Starport. NSec provides space / atmosphere protection for Parmac's interests. NSec also provides security droids to roam the starport itself to disable any public displays of disobedience.

NSec is one of the largest Security Companies on all of Nar Shaddaa and they have contracts across the Smuggler's Moon. They're considered one of the most effective... and most internally corrupt Security Companies present on the moon.

NSec has a small space fleet that orbits Nar Shaddaa, consisting of three Corellian Corvettes and their flagship Dreadnaught the "Longclaw".