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IC Info

  • If you got injured, it is almost certainly your fault, and Naia has no problem letting you know that this is the case.
  • Dislikes working in standard hospitals for /reasons/ that you must be a level three friend to uncover.
  • Somehow ended up having a Barabel as her closest companion. Oops.
  • Definitely more comfortable in a triage situation than she is doing general patient care.
  • Has liberally threatened the use of sedatives to keep her charges out of trouble.
  • She'll heal just about anyone, regardless of who they are. Because that's not her business.


Smooth lavender skin, a moderate frame and generous curves characterize the Nautolan woman known as Naia Verkru. Standing at slightly over five feet tall and less angular in build than some of her peers, Naia would not in all likelihood be considered particularly imposing by any but the most wan standards of estimation. The tendrils that root in her skull and terminate at mid-back are of the same soft purple color as the rest of her skin, though they are spattered with white markings toward the tips. They are most commonly tousled slightly to one side, possibly to mimic the appearance of hair rather than leaning into the fact that she has none. The white mottling stains her hands and feet, trailing up along her forearms and shins, though it doesn't quite reach any higher.

Naia's face is somewhat rounded. High cheek bones melt into a somewhat subtler jaw and then terminate in a rounded chin that gives her face a feminine look of softness that is rather dashed by the large blackness of her eyes. Light-sucking, large and slanted if not almond-shaped (they are too large by far for that), they suggest a creature from the lightless depths rather than one accustomed to the coasts. Her nose is petite, and her lips are plush---she could in fact be considered a handsome specimen, although the eyes are a little unsettling.

RP Hooks

  • Doctor that specializes in triage.
  • Unwilling pseudo-expert on Barabel behavior.
  • Anatomy and biology enthusiast. In the most boring way possible.