Naldana Bienaenn

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Naldana Bienaenn

Race: Shistavanen
Sex: Male
Occupation: Captain
Profession: Pilot
Homeworld: Uvena Prime
Organization: Array Consortium
Ship: Unreal Forntarch


His mother Randa died in an accident while fixing his father ship, leaving him alone in the world with a bounty hunter for a father, thus starting what he calls raised on the ship lifestyle. He was left in the ship or in a hotel room, never seeing ground it felt like till he was old enough to fly himself, never a dull moment. Seeing the worlds and people everything is a blur of travel.

Transha his father was an Imperial bounty hunter, one of the best for many years. Cold, quick, filled with the joy of the work itself. Feared by the rebels, for they were his main target, bring down more of them could be counted during his reign of work. The son was to pilot on these missions never seeing the bloody work, always thinking his ruthless father was a man of honor.

He was a big fan of holo videos and books, only thing he was allowed to bring planet to planet. Sometimes once in a blue moon allowed to play with the other children out there, but this was as rare as staying in one place for long.

The moment of truth was a battle outside of the ship, the killing of innocent people at the hands of his father to get to a target, he was staying in the ship minding his own business. When his father started to storm a rebel base that was lying down their blaster and rifles. He watched as his father went on the attack mowing down the unarmed men and woman of the rebel cell, as he watched stunned. He took off abandoning him to the fate, only hearing months later his father was locked in a rebel prison. This is the last time he heard of his father, or even cared to hear his name.

Work history

Bing Rodian helped him get jobs, using the cover of Stinky. Also is the man that stole his ship recently.

After this, he worked as a freelance pilot using his father's ship. He worked quick, got a rep as a good pilot for hire, able to move items at quick speeds, good in a pinch. Fighting shipping, no job was outside of his ability it would seem. Building up quiet the rep, but then he fell into a bad crowd for quick credits.


Till the Honorable Ditch was stolen from him leaving him on the planet of Nar Shada.

A job, was given and he will do it right, working for Cap Adhar Gann, for his new org.

New ship, with a new crew.


Orcus- Best friend from way back.

Aurora- My fixer lady.


Adhar_Gann- Boss man.

Zerna_Ka- Boss Lady.

Sion- Great pilot.

Tamrae- Great at what she does.

Qrzzl- The good doctor.