Naome Naberrie

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There is not much known about the origins of Lady Naome (Nay-oh-may) apart from her relation to the famous Naberrie family, her graduation from Senatorial academy, and her appointment to Senator by her Majesty the Queen of Naboo. Naome's agenda is largely a reflection of the Naboo's culture, pursuing topics within the senatorial arena that lean toward pacifism and away from prolonged conflict. It is very clear that Naome still holds the grudge that many Naboos do concerning components of the Trade Federation and their nefarious dealings in the Outer Rim, more recently, the Geonosians who are trying to breathe life back into the old ties. Naome has had a strong influence with Sullust and many of the people on world there. On more than one occasion, she has led relief missions of charity to help the impoverished and suffering Sullustans, striking up strong allies and connections with a local resistance on the surface.


Lady Naome loves elegant things, and has no shortage of expensive jewelry, clothing, and religious regalia that emphasize her worship of Naboo's Moon Goddess, Shiraya. Her favorite colors to wear often resemble the blossoms of various seasons on Naboo, ranging from light and dark purples, oranges, yellows, blues, and even pink. She loves wine and expensive liquor but has a secret devotion to some of the craft ales found all over the galaxy. Naome also seems eager for friendship, though her Handmaidens are wary of those who get close to Naome, making for an awful lonely day-to-day routine. When not working in her Senate office, Naome can be found enjoying the scenic sights and locations of Hanna City.