Nar Shaddaa Civil War

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Plot Synopsis

With the shift in power of the Hutt Cartel to Lord Eebua Gnuda, the Hutts normally feuding Hutt Clans that call the Y'toub System home have united behind the Hutt Lord in his conquest to conquer Nar Shaddaa and once more unite the entire moon under Hutt Control. Forging an alliance with the First Order through unknown details, Lord Eebua is seeking to dominate the Smuggler's Moon and set himself up as the ruler of the moon. In response to this, the Resistance has set up a hidden base on the Smuggler's Moon to determine the details of the First Order's alliance with the Hutts and to offer their assistance where they might.

Plot Contacts

Below are the people from various organizations currently involved in the Civil War plot. If you have any questions regarding involvement or would like to jump in and get involved with any particular group, please reach out to them on game!

Eebua Gnuda - The Hutt Cartel

Sar Yavok - The Resistance

Fuze - First Order

Hex - Defiance

Common Knowledge/Plot Synopsis Thus Far