Nebulon-C Escort Frigate

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Please be aware that this ship is not available on Age of Alliances MUSH at this time. Thank you.


The Nebulon-C was a class of frigates built by Kuat Drive Yards for the New Republic fleet, following the fall of the Galactic Empire. Building on the successful Nebulon-B, the Nebulon-C required a fourth of the crew (170) but was almost twice as long as its predecessor at 550 meters. Many of these ships were decommissioned following the demilitarization of the New Republic fleet, but many were retained as pirate hunters, sold outside of the Republic, or converted to medical transports.


The Nebulon-C is equipped with a Type 2 hyperdrive.


While armaments varied depending on purpose, Nebulon-C escort frigate generally mount at least 10 heavy turbolaser turrets, six point defense laser turrets, two capital ship proton torpedo launchers, and a tractor beam projector. They are capable of carrying an entire starfighter wing of 72.