Nej Izen

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Nej Izen

Race: H.R.D.
Sex: Male
Occupation: Small-time Merc
Profession: Scout
Homeworld: Coruscant


Digging for dirt on Nej Izen is mostly a waste; there is surprisingly little to find on the Holonet, and what's there is fairly mundane. He's a small timer who started taking security and surveillance jobs in the Outer Rim within the last few years; no active bounties, and only the usual assortment of minor fines in various states of repayment.

Hardly seems worth noticing.

Strangely, however, if one happens to run his name and facial scan through the old Imperial databases, quite a lot surfaces. Glowing Academy reports, commendations, and a spotless service record for a human recon commando named Lieutenant Izen in the Stormtrooper Corps, listed MIA shortly before the collapse of the Empire at the end of the Galactic Civil War...but Nej would have to be in his sixties if he was in fact the same man.

Very odd indeed.