Nerys Arda

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An archaeologist and explorer currently wandering the galaxy footloose and fancy free.


If the sum of a woman's appearance could be winnowed down to a single word, then the word for this particular woman would be striking. From brilliant green eyes, framed by thick, dark lashes, and elegantly arched eyebrows, to a pert, puckish nose and full, rosy cupid's bow lips. A beauty mark accents just above the outer right edge of her mouth. Her face is a delicately crafted affair, all high cheekbones, sculpted jawline and a strong chin. Her skin is flawless, with a light, natural hint of sun-kissed colour with just a dash of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Her hair is a perfect frame for her face; thick, and naturally wavy, falling down to the edge of her shoulderblades; a rich, vibrant red with hints of gold and auburn. Just for the now, she's styled her hair in a pair of high pig tails.

Public History

Daughter of Eion Arda, a man of wealth and influence on Corellia. They exist. I mean, someone's collecting the money all those ships are bringing in, right? Doing as many a rich socialite with neither worries nor cares in the world might do, which is precisely, exactly, what she wants to do. Currently travelling the galaxy hunting artifacts both rare and perilous. While the woman's social background might lead one to believe she's just a rich girl playing at being a real girl, she is clearly both intelligent and skilled at her craft.

Biographical Note (OOC)

Nerys Arda (this PC iteration) is a Human Replica Droid. As such, she is nearly completely indistinguishable from a living human woman. However, Nerys Arda is also a real human woman, who was indeed born and raised on Corellia. Her historical files and dossier mirror the HRD Nerys, and anyone researching Nerys will find only a single file exists. That of the human woman.


Relentless by nature, and absolutely fearlessness. While not given to wholesale slaughter, but she will defend herself. When needs require, she had been known to be less...delicate in her responses. She values knowledge, creativity, and the thrill of the hunt. The chase across known and unknown space to find those things which have been lost, needing only her skilled mind and body to find them.

Nerys' Treasure Chest

Statue: An Old-Republic Era statue of the Rodian female in voluminous robes. A representation of the goddess of secrets.

Letter-Opener: Exquisitely crafted, of Alderaanian origin.

Mask: A ceremonial (?) mask of Twi'lek origins. The visage is both creepy and slightly frightening. (Gifted to Adhar Gann)

Locket: A golden locket. The interior appears to hold some sort of compass or possibly a key.

Known Associates

Connected Vessels

MCV Tempest Warden - Nerys serves as the Warden's XO.

YT-2400 Birena Tai - Nerys co-captains the Tai with Kael Greystorm.