Nesys Bik

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Nesys Bik

Title: Crazy?
Race: Nautolan
Sex: Female
Occupation: Criminal
Profession: Pilot
Homeworld: Glee Anselm
Organization: Criminal Gang
Ship: Complicated

'''Her Childhood was Normal.'''

Quiet. Idyllic. Peaceful. Built around her family unit in a small community. It was painfully boring to Nesys which is really part of the problem.

From early childhood on Nesys wanted to see more and do more. For a species with strong ties to community and their local governance she was an anomaly. She wanted to know what was in the rest of the vast ocean first. Then she wanted to know what was on land. Then she decided she wanted to know what was in the sector. Then the galaxy.

It didn’t go from zero to hyperspace overnight though. She studied hard, was quite bright, and focused during her childhood on learning in the equivalent of the local schooling system. That is when she wasn’t getting in trouble for stowing away on transports and effectively hitchhiking to see new things.

Her family hoped she would bend her mind to being a scientist or a politician perhaps but in that regard she let them down. She wasn’t going to make her community proud and raise a family. Nesys figured out that she was damn good with her hands and machines and focused on learning about transports. Freighters. Starfighters. Capital Ships.

She ended up going to school to be a mechanic and get experience test driving various vehicles she fixed up at school and then at a job in one of the local space ports after graduating. Effectively apprenticing to get more experience. At the same time using the cover of working out the kinks to get more and more experience piloting the various craft and yes putting some extra klicks on them at the same time.

'''Getting off that Backwater (Pun Intended)'''

Nesys mechanical chops, ambition, and joy of flying did not go unnoticed. One of the more regular freighter captains that had business on Glee Anselm. He wasn’t actually a normal freighter captain, he was a Smuggler working for the Hutts out of Nar Shaddaa.

He offered her a job and a way off the ball of water she called home and she took it.

Sure it turned out that they did crime. She kept that freighter running really well. Became a great co-pilot. In return they got to see a whole lot of strange ports. They also had to run and dodge the New Republic on a frequent basis. It was an adventure and she was really quite happy. The ethics didn’t really phase her. She isn’t a bad person, not like an assassin or anything, but breaking the law vs. not living her dream is no contest at all.

Eventually she branched out to other runs for the criminals she worked for not just freighter smuggling hauls. She proved to be a damn fine combat pilot when called on as well which led to even stranger and more exotic escort runs.

She was getting to go all over, meet strange and exotic aliens, get shot at by them, and lived to tell the tale.

True Happiness.

At least it was until the First Order vaporized the Republic and then started to clamp down on shipping lanes and impose their rigidity on the Galaxy.

Still joining the resistance seemed foolish. They are all about trying to wipe out the First Order, which is good, but also about restoring the Republic, which is not good.

So Nesys has been being a Pirate and a Criminal, even more than her earlier days smuggling, despite these very trying circumstances of fanaticism and crushing Order.


Sometime back she hooked up with Zorii Bliss and the Spice Runners. Serving as a mechanic and one of the pilots for the gang of smugglers way out from the core. Also while Kijimi was a frightfully cold horrible planet as far as Nesys is concerned it seemed out of the way and a great base of operations for continued crime even as the First Order tightened their grip on the Galaxy.

The resistance brought the First Order’s attention to Kijimi and that led to them with this Final Order blowing it out of existence.

Nesys isn’t sure how she feels about the Resistance right now but she is really worked up about the First Order or Final Order or whatever they are calling themselves.