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General Google Doc of Useful Information

General FAQ for New Players [1]

Channels & OOC

OOC: To speak in OOC on the game, you input OOC and then your message.


OOC I am speaking in OOC, look at me!
-(OOC)- George says, "I am speaking in OOC, look at me!"

See in game: +help ooc

There are two different types of channels on the game. @channels, like +public, and +questions, and group channels that come with the +groups on the game.

To speak on the @channels, you input: +public or +p followed by your message.


+p Hello world!
(:Public:) Bob says, "Hello world!"

You can also emit on channels.


+p :waves to everyone.
(:Public:) Bob waves to everyone.

Group channels are formatted a little differently.

For group channels, you can input =group name And then your message.


=New Republic Hi!
<New Republic> Frank says, "Hi!"

See in game: +help Groups/Channels

Game Movement



See in game: +help +noms

+noms also have a neat new feature (+nom/pose name) not included in the help file yet that allows you to nom people who are on the pose order. You must also be on the pose order, and have both have posed at least once since being added.

See in game: +po/help for pose order help.

Skills & +Sheets

In Game Items

Ship Basics

+help Space/Walkthru