Nicjoha Jha

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Nicjoha Jha

Race: Echani
Sex: Female
Occupation: Trnasporter
Profession: Smuggler
Homeworld: Eshan
Ship: N/A



Another Daughter of Eshan. Born and raised among the houses of the Echani, she is trained in the methods of her people. Transporter of good from Point A to Point B. No questions asked. But don't short the payment or there could be an issue.


Standing just a touch under the six foot mark, Nicjoha is willowy and slender in figure, and serene in presence. Her eyes are arresting, large and startlingly intelligent, full thick lashes surrounding vibrant silvery orbs that don't miss much, and set under finely arched dark silver eyebrows always perched as in polite question. Sooty dark liner accenting those eyes. She looks like the mythical species that she is. All fair, fair skin and delicate features with a delicately pointed chin, and high, noble-born cheekbones give her face a slightly wild look. As if she should be a vixen dodging through the underbrush.

Her hair is a thick mass, the color of spun moonlight and frost in shade. A few locks around her face have been allowed freedom, though they are curled lightly to hang infront of her ears. The rest has been gathered in a loose clasp to the top of her head, tucked and curled to be held in a bun and out of the way. The up-swept hair bares her slender, pale throat, with its long, swan-like grace, yet the tips of her ears have been neatly hidden by the loose fall of her hair until the nape of her neck.

Her features give away what she is, even if her clothing did not. She wears a sleek body glove, all in a pristine snowy white, representing the base of her clothing, the material having an entirely matte texture, sparsely decorated with strips of heather grey and a geometric, high collar. A neatly tailored, knee length duster jacket in a matched white overlays the suit beneath. It?s collar rising to cup around her shoulders and throat. Heeled boots seamlessly integrated into the body glove serve to elongate her figure, bringing her height to a spare inch above six feet.