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Character Info

Nubri is a young, black-loving, slightly grumpy doctor... who dropped out of medicine at Coruscant University in her third year, in order to be come a bounty huter. Turns out, she hated the job with a passion. For that reason, recently, she actually finished her degree and is off working at the Consortium as... everything expect a Janitor. Otherwise? She flies fighters, shoots foes and, if she is lucky, gets to treat injuries.

Nubri comes from... the opposite of a privileged background on Coruscant. Which is evident in her speech to this day. Instead of speaking in a privileged accent, Nu speaks in Rhyming slang, at least when trying to survive in a posh setting.


Dom- Technically terrible people, but for whatever reason Nubri likes her.... a mystery for the ages
Hamducks?- Acquaintance. Not a stormtrooper. He isn't smart enough. Also known as Gamblax, Hambuck and Handucks. Although, turns out he actually was a stormtrooper and now is a Mandalorian
Kreel- A riddle. How to explain some things to him?
Siam- The death of Nubri... she always has crazy ideas.... someone save her!
Sueme Mora- A bounty hunter, who occasionally provides problems for Nu. Recently. they don't like each other
Toviamna- Another of these crazy friends... she has no idea if Siam or Toviamna is worse
Lara- A friendly, blue Mandalorian. Not crazy
The Captain/Captain Gonne- Her boss. What is his first name again?
Keith- A collection of Horns and Livers


Doctor One with a degree so fresh, the ink didn't yet manage to dry.
Sportswoman She keeps in shape. After all, a doctor should be an example for her patients, and if you don't take care of yourself properly, how should you be expected to take care of others?