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History (not to be taken as IC knowledge):

Nyla Forr was born on the planet Procopia to Tak and Jaira Forr. Her mother, Jaira, was a politician working as a councilwoman on the Tapani Great Council. They lived close to her mother's work on Estalle Island. Her father, Tak Forr, was the head of Estella's transportation and worked hard to bring modern aircrafts to the canal-dependent city. It was at this early age that Nyla developed a love of all things mechanic. Her father had received a personal droid from a repulsor-tech company looking to expand into Estella Island, a C1 series, that Nyla was fast friends with. She would throws fits when unable to take her C1 to the private school for the more elite families in Estella. Whenever the droid had an issue, Nyla would glue herself to the mechanic her father would hire.

When Nyla was nearly seven years old, her mother was elected to become the Tapani ambassador in the Coruscant Senate. While her father stayed behind to continue his work with the budding transportation boom, Nyla and Jaira moved to the Senate District in Coruscant. It was a bigger, better place than Estella Island and the opportunities were greater. Her mother, knowing Nyla's growing interest in mechanics, enrolled her at one of the best schools on the subject. Nyla threw herself in to her schoolwork, focusing on all things droids. By the time Nyla was 16, she was one of the top droid tech students in the city. She graduated with honors and immediately began to work for a large shipping company, Cosmohaul, with a little help from her mother's connections, in Coruscant's sky port.

At the age of 21 Nyla's world changed. She was working for one of the largest shipping companies in the galaxy, focusing her tasks on maintaining and repairing droids. It was at work when she received the call that her mother had been a victim of a stray blaster meant for one of the Senators that Jaira Forr was having lunch with that day. While the investigation ground to a halt with bureaucratic blockage, Nyla Forr heavily suspected the newly rising First Order as the ones behind of the operation that caused her mother's death. Riddled with grief and rage over the incident, Nyla has spent the last few years learning about the Order and working against it.

Current Happenings

After a short stent with the Resistance, Nyla Forr grew frustrated with the lack of reckless, space pirate bravado and decided to follow Hex and Kasia Ciph to their new org, Defiance.

In the interim, Nyla has adopted befriended a taller, somehow more ridiculous woman named Jehni'va Cihn, and their madcap adventures are something of legend. Or, at least, they will be.

RP Tidbits:

  • Spends most of her time on Nar Shaddaa
  • Expert Droid Mechanic and Builder - She will fawn over your random droids
  • Has a soft spot for people down on their luck or in trouble (See: Jehni'va Cihn)
  • Is often drunk and/or high and will attempt to befriend anyone.

Noteworthy Folks:

  • Jehni'va Cihn: Roommate, best friend, un-house trained puppy.
  • Hex: Friend turned boss. Chaotic Good. Maybe?
  • Kasia Ciph: Boss as well, decent role model.
  • Raim Shah: Employer and fellow Droid Nut
  • Tarion Tavers: Ugh
  • Pickle (R2 Unit): Droids are a girl's best friend. Right after a bottle of space rum.
  • Crona: The adorable, excitable Anooba[1] that Jehn loves almost more than she does Nyla.

Pickle.png Pickle, the crazy lady R2 unit.

OOC Junk:

Jehni'va Cihn is stoned as FU

-(OOC)- Jehni'va Cihn says, "Shit ooc"

-(OOC)- Nyla Forr says, "I think it works in both realms, TBH."

-(OOC)- Jehni'va Cihn says, "Honestly"

-(OOC)- Jehni'va Cihn says, "Yeah"

Jehni'va Cihn touches one hole too many.