Nylis Dosh

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Nylis Dosh

Title: You!
Race: Arkanian
Sex: Male
Occupation: Adventurer
Profession: Combat Medic
Homeworld: Naboo
Ship: Enigma

Journal Entries

Datunda 14th, 1163
It has been nearly a week since my arrival on Nar Shaddaa, and the abysmal status of the education systems has proven to provide for an elevation in cantankerous behavior, further escalated by the adulterated atmospheric conditions which prelude the planet to suffer from neigh constant acidic precipitation. Since my arrival, I have been assaulted twice by uneducated ruffians who's odorific respirations and garments imply the presence of botulism, parasitic infections and poor dental hygiene habits.
In the first encounter, an attractive female Pantoran by the name of Saturi, wearing purple armor in what could be speculated to be of a Mandalorian design, came to my rescue. After subduing the hostile combatants sufficiently between her marksmanship and my swordsmanship, she picked me up and quite literally flew me away from the conflict before it could resume further, using equipped rocket boots.
During the second encounter, a group of scoundrels in an unnamed social organization were found bungee jumping from the rooftop of a nearby structure. After failing to convince me to partake in their revelry, they initiated the conflict. While I was able to inflict a nearly fatal wound on their appointed leader, he was likewise able to place a blaster bolt in my left shoulder.
Aside from these conflicts, I also witnessed a pair of bounty hunters engaged in a firefight in the middle of Karrigan park, against a squad sized collection of ruffians. Taking advantage of the situation, I found a wounded, aged Twi'lek to whom I attempted to provide combat medicine for. Unfortunately, the Twi'lek was further beset by one of the ruffians. Against my better judgement, I interceded to delay and abate the ruffian who was then neutralized by one of the bounty hunters. Much to my disappointment, no payment for my triage has been received.

RP Hooks

* Adventurer - Need someone to go with you on a potentially dangerous spice run? Nylis is your guy.
* Combat Medic - Pick up a painful parasite sleeping in the wrong hotel on Nar Shaddaa? Nylis can help.
* Crime - Morals and moral concerns are something that can be resolved, if enough credits are provided.
* Fencing - Searching for someone to spar with? Nylis has trained in the use of primitive weapons.
* Grounded - Not having a ship of his own yet, Nylis often needs to hitch a ride to explore the galaxy.
* Hunted - Perhaps your an up and coming Bounty Hunter? There is a small bounty on Nylis' capture.
* Luxury - He likes his caf steamed, with a heavy dose of Dantooinian mocha cream, and sugar.
* Science - Anything related to scientific endeavors are likely going to capture his interest and attention.


Name Details
Domino Graystorm Slicing; Conscious of health standards.
Frexl Security; Easily manipulated.
Pilha Aino Slicing; Does what it takes to get the job done.
Roktuka Mercenary; Relatively sensible and compliant of basic medical procedures.
Saanvi Doctor; Respectably pragmatic with a mind for science.
Saturi Sharpshooter; Armored heroine, spiriting me away from danger.
Siya Captain; Intelligent, confident and empathetic. She'll make for a good leader.