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Oozlevort drinking his favorite cocktail, the REACTOR CORE.


Standing a little over four feet tall, this is an insectoid creature known as a Gand. His skin is a sickly yellowish-green. Its eyes are multifaceted and blackish-grey. Its mouth is covered by a breathing apparatus with two hoses which snake down into its robes; ammonia atmosphere is pumped into the creature's lungs on demand. His hands are thick and three-fingered, with chitinous growths here and there. Rather than thin, this Gand tends toward a round and portly look.

Brown robes wrap around the rotund alien, concealing its breathing apparatus. He wears simple boots. A bandolier with pouches for ammunition crosses his torso.


A former military transport, Oozlevort has converted the 'Brume Pilgrim' into something suitable for Gand needs. The armory has been converted to a meditation room full of ammonia mists, from which Oozlevort can practice his findsman divining.

AIAT/i Brume Pilgrim
Oozlevort stalks his prey with an A280 blaster rifle.
Oozlevort with a rifle.


Oozlevort (family name) was a findsman in the mists of Gand, hunting down escaped slaves and criminals, and he earned the right to use his family name Oozlevort. Inspired by Zuckuss, the findsman left his homeworld to find fame in the greater galaxy during the waning years of the Empire. While bounty hunting and slaving was good for a time, the fall of the Empire ruined his prospects, and working for the Republic was far less lucrative. In the intervening years he worked for Hutts and the Black Sun syndicate as an enforcer, bounty hunter, and even a slave trader on the world of Gamorr.

RP Hooks

  • Findsman - Oozlevort is a findsman. He finds people, especially criminals, especially for other criminals.
  • Information - The omens in the mist tell a Gand many things.
Oozlevort meditates on the mists.


Last known image.

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Zeltron Contract Workers Sing Oozle's Praises