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Grew up on Nar Shadaa in the Sky Slums and survived to adulthood. Go Ora!


Cheery, at times shy, sometimes easily overwhelmed, other times content to drown in the crowd.

RP Hooks

Happy to hang with anyone - Ora isn't one to turn down the company of any sort, so she can be found pretty much anywhere, given the inclination.

Willing to work for credits - She does love her a credit, and the idea of having more spurs her on to accept many types of jobs, even those that might be outside her wheelhouse.

Because RP is Good - Seriously, you want RP, I can find a reason to be anywhere, for any reason. Well, within reason. She can't fly, so local places on Nar, or places accessible by a reasonably priced shuttle.


King - Really Old Guy in a middle-aged dudes body.

Zhu Yan - Fat Guy in a Little Coat.

Liz'diot - Rabid Husk of a Guy.

Naia - Cozy Sweatered Lady.

Kaavenn - Sex Worker Guy.

Ora is cheery.
Ora is cheery.