Oran Arcantael

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Oran Arcantael is the disgraced scion of a noble Coruscanti house, now adventuring (slumming it) in the galaxy at large.




That's gold, show me some respect
I swear that you are godless
I come from wealth and beauty, untouched by work or duty
But I could be so much worse


-(OOC)- Atidusk says, "Oran is such an ass hole lol"

Domino (dom) pages Brand Zyrra and Oran Arcantael: No one makes Dom regret a perfect manicure or her inability to throw a punch like Oran.

-(OOC)- Usha says, "Rich, Coruscanti douche-lord is pretty much Oran's title."

-(OOC)- Oran Arcantael whispers to Ravelyn, "Do we really NEED the Vanguard tho"
-(OOC)- Ciferni says, "Hey!"
-(OOC)- Artemis says, "You need something to contrast against."
-(OOC)- Ravelyn says, "They're comic relief to our edgelording. It strikes a balance."

<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "Kyyyyloooo! Oran's trying to freeze me in carbonite again!"

<First Order-OOC> Oran Arcantael says, "WHY AM I SO CONFUSED"
<First Order-OOC> Arvis Locke says, "Because you're so pretty, Oran."

<First Order-OOC> Drath threatens Oran with his Treat Injury skill.

-(OOC)- Oran Arcantael says, "It's 9:33 am, Oran is doing tequila shots"
-(OOC)- Ravelyn says, "Obviously"
-(OOC)- Ravelyn says, "Isn't that what he always does in the morning?"
-(OOC)- Oran Arcantael says, "It's important to have a routine"
-(OOC)- Ravelyn says, "Booze in the AM, space cocaine in the afternoon slump"
-(OOC)- Oran Arcantael says, "You get me"

<First Order-OOC> Saanvi can make you a Zombie perhaps. Would that suffice?
<First Order-OOC> Ravelyn says, "You're going to turn Oran into a zombie? I'll get behind this effort."
<First Order-OOC> Evie Leven says, "Instead of brains, he'll crave fancy cheeses."
<First Order-OOC> Ravelyn says, "He already craves that."
<First Order-OOC> Evie Leven says, "Saanvi works fast."

<First Order-OOC> Kylo Ren sends Oran back to rehab.

<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "Unless Blackrock was code for "Oran's Wine Cabinet" or something..."
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "Or his heart."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix goes upside Drath's head. "You know there's no heart. Just two empty chardonnay bottles and an electric pump."

<Knights of Ren-OOC> Kylo Ren says, "The only feelings you're allowed to acknowledge are rage, anger, and incredible power."

<First Order-OOC> Oran Arcantael says, "We have interns?"
<First Order-OOC> Oran Arcantael says, "I want one"
<First Order-OOC> Kylo Ren says, "No"
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "Yea, me too!"
<First Order-OOC> Oran Arcantael says, "Kylo can I have an intern"
<First Order-OOC> Kylo Ren says, "No!"
<First Order-OOC> Oran Arcantael says, "Kylo, AM I an intern"
<First Order-OOC> Kylo Ren says, "...yes"

<First Order-OOC> Arkesh says, "you cant deny me my spider queen emotional support pet or i will report you to HR"

-(OOC)- Dawud says, "Oran, why is yours even harder. Should mine be harder?"
-(OOC)- Dawud says, "</no context>"

<First Order-OOC> Dawud says, "Oran you traitor, aren't you supposed to be nearly dead?"
<First Order-OOC> Oran Arcantael says, "I'm OOC. I've transcended, Dawud. Come toward the light."
<First Order-OOC> Dawud says, "I am 90% sure you went towards the darkness"

(:Public:) Zul Gradnk(Zul) says, "Hm, I miss the Correlian Starport...."
(:Public:) Avery(1004) says, "we didn't."

-(OOC)- Kylo Ren says, "Flying in and out of melee range. Like gnats, but the size of a small human, like Oran."
-(OOC)- Aurine Vang says, "so very smol then."
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "Come on that's mean."
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "Oran is clearly smaller"

-(OOC)- Oran Arcantael says, "Anyone who gets close to Hadrix is going to smell like citrus berry! Citrus berry and trash, in Oran's case."
-(OOC)- Iollan says, "I think we all four smell like citrus berry and trash just naturally"

-(OOC)- Domino wolf whistles. +15 charm that makes you...what? Not TOTALLY objectionable?
-(OOC)- Oran Arcantael says, "Haha"
[PASS ( +0)] Oran Arcantael's Charisma @ (100) diff.
-(OOC)- Oran Arcantael says, "No, I'm still me."