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About Oriana

There are many different sides to Oriana. The free spirit, the regal princess, the fighter, etc. But in reality, she is simply her. Kind and sweet, she cares about people - which is why she joined the Resistance, along with revenge for her planet. In her depths she has a balance, a belief woven into her from her home world Drik. She loves nature, finding beauty in the simplistic and natural part of life. There is a bit of fun about her, she is confident in who she is, be it with her off-key singing or dancing about. This even extends to her physical side, and as quoted 'clothes are a bitch', but generally must be worn due to social norms.

The girl is also a fighter, a good one at that. She's spent a lot of years training, focused on ground combat, as a ship would be crashed if she tried to fly it. She's willing to help a friend in need, hell even die for them (which has happened) So if anyone needs help, she's there, and will stand by you in a fight.

Oriana's theme song!



Has a twin brother named Kev. And yes, they can be all twin like.
Hex - A summary of their relationship. Deliciously unhealthy!
Sajin - Husband

Where did she come from?

(Please note, this is OOC information. Unless you've been TOLD of this.)
It's been recently discovered that Oriana, Sergeant in the Resistance, is from a planet called Drik. Furthermore, it's been revealed that she isn't just from that planet, which is off in the space of nowhere, but that she is also the princess of that world. Additionally, it's also been revealed that a treaty is in the works with the Mandalorian Revivers, from the Resistance, to take back the planet Drik from the First Order - who had stormed in and took it over, and return her to her thrown, and to help free the people. Also, she is not looking into making her planet a part of the Republic, which will take a lot of work.


Tylin Creel - You're quickly becoming like a sister to me. Men beware hurt her and you deal with me. And bonus points, you literally kicked Luka in the ass. Total win!
Navi Kryze - Sweetest girl, always likes to hug. I forgot how much I missed and needed hugs. It's wonderfully familiar, like the family I lost so long ago.
Tess Ul'Datha - She is protective of me, and a good friend. I know, I know, she can be a little.. intense, out there, well crazy, but I know there is another side of her, she has stayed by my side without falter. Russ Ordo - You saved my life, in that brawl, put yourself out there so I wasn't sad. I've no doubt that you wouldn't do that for my people too, and I can't imagine anyone's people better to share my home world with than you and yours. Never anger a ginger!.
Ambrosia Greystorm - The Major, tough woman but hell, mad respect to her.
Luka Krante - Done, I've adopted you like a little brother. Torture time! All in good fun. Also: So the KIRK RAP portion!
Sabella Lockheart - A lovely, sweet woman. Glad she is a friend of mine.
Zhu Yan - You think you're so.. SUAVE...
Fenwick Mare - "I am a hot commodity" - as quoted by himself.
Triz Dermout -
Kasia Ciph -
Grozzy - MY WOOKIE PET!!

RP Hook and Trivia

-Want some political rp? So do I! Let's get some going
-Has died, ICly. Yes died. Helping the Mando's. Was thankfully revived and given cybernetic implants (abdomen organs)
-Nicknamed as 'Demo Girl' for her focus in demolitions, and grenades. Is also a fighter, good with a rifle, a vibrosword and hand to hand. It's like she has had military training.
-Alcoholic. She struggles, yes. After one of the worst spells of her life, where she drank herself into an absolute mess, she has now sobered up and refocued her life.
-Ex Resistance. Were you Resistance? Maybe we knew each other!
-Bad habbit of being stubborn. She doesn't back down easily, especially from a fight.
-Free spirited. Isn't living her life for the approval of others, is simply her.

Funny Quotes OOC/IC


<Adult-NC17> Tarion Tavers says, "Ori is like an exploding cheese-grater with good intentions."

From afar, Mara Jade (Mara) not the hero you deserve but the hero you needed? lol

Zhu Yan says, "Fuck me dead Ori you are so Canadian holy shit."
Zhu Yan says, "Holy fucking shit Ori for a Canadian you swear like an Australian what the fuck.

Hex has no eyes (no fury) for anyone but Oriana. "Oh, Hex!" he repeats after her in a high voice that's obviously meant to be her, you can tell by the way it sounds nothing like her. "Yeah. ME," he continues back in his regular tone, then sets his hands on the back of a bench in front of her and the hangar. His back is to her, hands on the top of the bench, and he looks over his shoulder and sort of shakes his ass at her. "Should I just bend over right here so you can fuck me over again? Since that's what you're apparently fuckin' doing lately? Right here? How about that? In front of everyone? Or do you prefer to fuck me over behind my back? Oh hey it's kinda behind my back either way isn't it?"

-(OOC)- Hex says, "Oriana you can try to hit the thing again with your shocks if you want to, since you lack the linguistic stats necessary to ask it for a safe word."

<Resistance> Jax Greystorm says, "Help me Ori-wan Kanobi, you're my only hope."

<Resistance> Jax Greystorm sings, "Ori came in like a Wrecking Ball! She meant to start a war. All she ever wanted was for you to let her win."

<Resistance> Jax Greystorm says, "He is evil because he had to eat you to get out of the box."<br

-(OOC)- Oriana says, "My husband is a ginger RL, and that sounds SO much like something he'd say."
-(OOC)- Hux is secretly your husband.
-(OOC)- Kasia Ciph gasps!
-(OOC)- Hux says, "I just always play from my phone so you won't know."
-(OOC)- Oriana ohhh yeah bby's
-(OOC)- Oriana waggle brows at Hux. "Later."
-(OOC)- Hux sighs. "That's what you always say. And then the headache.
-(OOC)- Oriana is home all day with two kids. And laundry, and cooking. "Maybe fold your own underwear for a change and that'll go away!"
-(OOC)- Hux says, "Silly women."
-(OOC)- Hux says, "Always thinking /house/ work is equal to /actual/ work."
-(OOC)- Oriana says, "Well I'll tell ya this, the house work is generally more fulfilling and satisfying then what comes later that evening."
-(OOC)- Oriana says, "And it lasts longer."
-(OOC)- Ambrosia Greystorm laughs
-(OOC)- Ambrosia Greystorm high fives.

<Rebel Yell> Stavros says, "I doubt your necktiscles will catch on as a fad."
<Rebel Yell> Oriana says, "I beg to differ. Once you get rid of the smell, and the odd shapes, and the strange rubbery feeling, they'll go with a great pair of shoes."
<Rebel Yell> Stavros says, "Next up on Galactic News... Oriana's Fashion Boutique seeks to give a new meaning to the term 'baller,' but men's rights activists claim it's feminazi domination masquerading as business."

<Rebel Yell> Gren Delede says, "Any Resistence types want to do some merc work liberating some slaves, tonight?"
<Rebel Yell> R-Laison Oriana says, "I'm tied up sorry."
<Rebel Yell> Javi Malek says, "Someone please give Oriana the keys to her cuffs! Seriously guys. That's irresponsible."
<Rebel Yell> Old Man Sar Yavok says, "No."

<Rebel Yell> R-Laison Oriana hugs her Canadian flag.
<Rebel Yell> Old Man Sar Yavok says, "You tree-fuckin' moose syrup person."


Well, I couldn't decide on what images or gifs to use, so here they are linked for your viewing pleasure!

Bring her goofy self
Oriana, never afraid to be brave!
Also she has her own mind, and isn't afraid to speak it
Sums her up pretty well too
Trying some 'alien' food, yeah wasn't good
Ori being Ori
Having a laugh
Her constant expression to Hex
Breezy out!

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