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Orin was born on the Echani homeworld of Eshan twenty-five years ago to the day. He was born as the second son and third child to Elana and Tsobal, though he was often looked down upon by the oldest child and firstborn, Elpha, due to the Echani being a matriarchal society and simply because Orin was considered to be the runt of the family litter, so to speak. Honestly? Orin was a kind child despite the cruelty he often faced. He was a firm believer in the Echani method of combat, that is, speaking through hand to hand combat. Otherwise, he's a quiet person, valuing honor and sincerity above all. His family was cruel to him, so he does not judge people based on family. He was educated the same as all males on Eshan and possesses a standard understanding of the galaxy. While he is largely a fighter, he has a heart. A heart that has been stained and tarnished over the years, despite his youth.

Once he was 16 years old, and gathered enough credits from his work, Orin decided to venture out into the galaxy and find his own way. Of course, while he was mid-transport, the shuttle was set-upon by pirates. Brought into their fold after he proceeded to beat five men in a room through hand to hand combat alone, Orin was taught the rule of the trade. He was taught how to shoot a rifle. Taught how to kill. Taught that sometimes, you can't spend your morality and kindness on people. Sometimes they just have to burn. After this event, Orin decided to leave the pirates, and eventually became a Bounty Hunter.

Word is, he's trying to get into the Bounty Hunter's Guild and align himself with like-minded individuals.