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Title: Whatever The Drunks Call Her
Race: Chiss
Sex: Female
Occupation: Bartender
Profession: Bartender
Homeworld: Csilla
Organization: None
Ship: None


Orsalina was born on Csilla to a single mother, but no one is quite sure what happened to her mother after her birth. The woman fell into some sort of deep melancholy and then died. Leaving the newborn to be taken care of by her older grandparents, until they died and she was placed into an orphanage. She didn't much mind it, but by the time she was old enough to be on her on she was released. From there she worked in different places around the main city, serving as a hostess and then bartender. Until she got the itch to travel. That's how she ended up going to Tatooine. She sometimes wishes she had stayed on Csilla, but she's always felt a bit like an outcast.

RP Hooks

  • Tatooine - She lives there now.
  • Bartending - She's very good at it.
  • Business - She's got a knack for it.