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Logotto Mog

Race: Devaronian
Sex: Male
Profession: Pirate
Homeworld: Devaron

Logotto "Otto" Mog is a criminal that is too insignificant to have a bounty on his head. He's a pirate that still has all his body parts. He's a madman that isn't quite mad enough to have an iconic laugh. He's a rebel without a cause. He's a devil without a clue.

He's Awesome

Bad Choices and Worse Consequences - Failure is more fun than success. Spectacular failure, therefore, is amazing.
Live Free and Die Hard - Laws? Regulations? TAXES?! These are the kinds of things that the Otto cannot abide.
Often Down; Never Out - When a houk doesn't appreciate that joke Otto tells about his mother, he doesn't spend his time in the bacta tank regretting telling said joke. He spends it thinking of better jokes about mommahouk.
You ain't Winnin' unless you're Sinnin' - Doing things the proper and responsible way is not for Otto. Proper is boring and responsible is unlikely to result in a bloody mess. Bloody messes are fun!

How Awesome?

Needs a Vibrosword - Otto's last vibrosword was left in a droid's chest, and now he is walking around with an empty scabbard on his right hip.
Got a vibrosword from Hex in exchange for two entirely legitimate favors.
Needs a Ship - Mediocre Bad pilot with absolutely no astrogation skills? Of course he needs a ship! Preferably one brimming with weapons!
Needs a Crew - Otto's terrible plans need an ace crew to pull them off. A slicer, a dicer, an actual pilot, someone ugly, someone pretty, and someone that can cook. Pretty crew member optional.
Note: Low-Mid level characters preferred. Otto has no skills over 80, and likely won't for a very, very long time.
Needs Contacts - What's the point in taking all the things from people if you have no one to sell them to? What's the point of fire if you have no bridges to burn? What's the point of money if you aren't in crippling debt to dangerous scum?

Too Awesome

Otto3.png Otto2.png

Contacts are Awesome

Inktails - This guy is style with substance. Well... minus the floral-print. Still. Might be my kinda mynockguano.
Duracrete Breath - Gravity: 1. This guy: 0. ...Holocam girls: ∞
Ladypants - This guy... I thought my pants were tight.
Hot Mess - This chick thinks her shit's worth breakin' up my style? She dreamin'.