Outlaw Cat

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Outlaw Cat Background

The Outlaw Cat is a YT-2400 that has seen better days. Rescued from one of the many junkyards that dot Nar Shaddaa by Sabella and Triz.

The history of Outlaw Cat may never be fully known but there are rumors that it was stolen from some spice traders at one time. They pair have already been attacked by security drones after their identities were mistaken. Ident markings also show that it may have been named the Bad Habit too. Now, renamed Oulaw Cat, it is being slowely, painstakenly, restored by the pair. While Triz goes about making the place livable it's Sabella that works on the engines, hyperdrive and other systems to make it flyable.

Outlaw Cat Currently

Outlaw Cat is cleaning up nicely. After going over the ship Sabella and Triz are finding that it's not in as bad of shape that first glance suggested it would be. The engines and Hyperdrive still have a way to go. But the gauges are like new and the interior is looking a lot better now. New seating has been installed in the lounge area. The Pilot and Copilot's chairs have been replaced, new beeding in the two main cabins have also been changed.

The test firing of the weapons showed some flaws which have been repaired so they are fully functional now.

The biggest task ahead, and the most costly, is the repair and upgrades to the engines and hyperdrive systems.

Update 1: Engines are fully online. Hyperdrive has been inproved but still has a way to go. Hull Integrity has been improved but needs additional work. All Electronics have been updated. The ship has had a complete make over on the interior.

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