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       Players are allowed to run plots within their own sphere without staff approval, subject to the rules below.
       These plots can be centered around a player's own properties, his organization's properties, or the properties 
of NPCs around the grid.

Basic Rules

  • A player cannot run an RP scenario involving another player's properties without that player's permission. However, if a player is 30+ days idle, then people can request a Staffer to run a scene against said idle players properties.
  • A player cannot run a scene that involves the Republic without Staff approval.
  • A player cannot run a scene that involves the First Order or the Resistance without approval from their leaders and Staff.
  • No plot may involve Jedi or Sith of any variety without Staff permission. A player whose character is not Force sensitive cannot run a scene that involves the Force. Force sensitive characters may only portray their own approved abilities.
  • Space plots are perfectly acceptable as are plots that involve combat in space, including PVP. Stay out of Republic space unless you have Staff permission.

Acceptable Plot Ideas

  • Hutt vs Anti-Hutt terrorist plots.
  • Smuggling runs to get-to or away-from Nar Shaddaa while avoiding Hutt or NSec patrols.
  • Rescuing derelict ships or ships that have been involved in combat scenarios in Nal Hutta space.
  • Rescuing NPCs who've been captured by the Hutt authorities and being held for various crimes against Hutt Lords.
  • Salvage operations deep inside the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa.

PVP on SW:AoA - Basics

  • The basics of PVP are simple. +taskroll ranged: blaster pistols at 100 vs +taskroll dodge ranged at 100.
  • +attack <player> at 100 while wielding a weapon will factor in additional elements, such as your skill vs their skill and what armor they are wearing. Some damage might be mitigated by said armor.
  • A difficulty of 100 is a result of a player being at 100% effectiveness. If a person is at a theoretical effectiveness of 50% (due to injury or otherwise) then the +roll difficulty goes to 50 for an attack against that person, while the injured person looking to dodge faces a difficulty of 150.
  • +attacks use blaster ammo so as to realistically drain your weapon's charges.
  • Ship to ship combat is not coded and requires base skill rolls against Pilots.

Important PVP Rule

  • SW:AoA is full loot PVP.
  • All items in your inventory at the time of your defeat in PVP (including money on your person) can be looted and taken by whoever defeated you. Carry only what you're not afraid to lose. Put extra money in the bank.

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