Parthenia Antorias

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Parthenia doesnt remember much of her parents. She was an only child and her parents were killed when they enlisted with the Rebellion against the Empire. This left Nia an orphan. Does she hold hard feelings? Possibly. She might step on Kylo Rens foot if she came across him (not really). But her parents made their choices. She was a quiet and withdrawn child mostly. Choosing to go on her little adventures of exploring and finding things. Mostly trouble. She was returned to her Aunt and Uncle more than once by the local authorities with grudging words. She learned not to be on the wrong side of the law. Or to at least have friends that were willing to help you out of a bind if you got yourself in too much trouble. She's a bit of a mess with a blaster. So don't give her one unless you are wanting to have yourself shot in the process. She's working on it though!

RP Hooks

  • Explorer - Need something charted or found?
  • Cartography - Nia makes maps!
  • Corellia - She's from there.


  • Elrych Cometburn - He used to be a friend, but he's grown to be something far more precious to me.
  • Corr Waldin - Boss. Hopefully I don't lose anymore hair working for him.
  • Gor Bullet - Set me up with a good gun while I was on Kafrene. He has interesting things in his shop. I'll have to go back and see him.
  • Poe Dameron - He's pretty amazing and has a good head on his shoulders. Oh and he's got an adorable BB Unit.
  • Cyriana Nevran - A holostar who seems to be shooting near Nar Shaddaa. Nice to talk to.
  • David Ironside - A pilot who suggested the Resistance. A very odd thing. But he was nice.
  • Syrus - An Archaeologist. He likes Jedi things. Wants to show me some artifacts.
  • Yoska Lash - An interesting Ryn. Tried to get me into the Explorers Guild. Tried to sell me drugs too.