Pash Danigo

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          Pash has made a successful career as a spacer, free trader, and forger in the Outer Rim and Deep Space communities. He is a vocal opponent of the slave trade, chooses his associates very carefully, and hasn't been known to shy away from a tough run. Most recently, he's joined with the Array Consortium and is often seen spending his downtime on the Smuggler's Moon.

RP Hooks

  • Illicit Activities: Need someone to run an illegal shipment for you? In the market for quality forged documents? Pash is your man. This is his main source of income and I would love to RP around it more. Just hit me up via page or @mail and we can set up a scene.
  • Barfly: Pash can usually be found brooding over a pint wherever he is in the galaxy. Stop over and say hello. He's friendlier than he looks.
  • Activist: Normally, Pash is a pretty reserved guy, but when it comes to the topic of slavery he can be quite vocal. His is a voice that's been heard in the Outer Rim before, decidedly against such actions.
  • Old Hat: Pash has been a smuggler and denizen of the Outer Rim for decades. If the worlds there are ones you've frequented, chances are you may have run into him. Get in touch if you're interested in building a backstory.


          Pash recently purchased an unmodified Ghtroc 720 light freighter, which he has dubbed the Fathier Express. While not the fastest ship out there, it's a nice fit for his fledgling crew.