Poe Dameron

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Poe Dameron

Title: General, Black Leader
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Black Squadron
Profession: Pilot
Homeworld: Yavin 4
Organization: New Republic
Ship: Black Leader, Ghost


Poe Dameron is the Commander of the heroic Black Squadron and a General in the Resistance. He was the most trusted and daring operative of the late General, Leia Organa. A veteran of more than a hundred battles, Poe is a decorated pilot and soldier who claims he can fly /anything/. This is fortunate given how often his headstrong nature leads him into trouble. Poe has a contagious personality and is a natural leader, which marked him as the ideal candidate to lead the Resistance.


Poe was one of the so-called 'victory babies' who were born after the fall of the Empire. Aside from the timing of his birth, Poe grew up intimately connected to the conflict that ended a few years before he was born. Both of his parents were Rebel fighters. His father, Sergeant Kes Dameron was a Pathfinder - a ground-pounding commando. His mother, Lieutenant Shara Bey was a pilot - and a damned fine one at that. It was from her that he got both his love of flying and, perhaps, most of his talent.

Poe grew up on Yavin 4, where his parents had settled after retiring from the Rebel Alliance. His childhood was peaceful and pleasant, though he grew up hearing stories of life under the Empire. Some of his favorite childhood memories were of his mother taking him up in her old fighter. He discovered his love of flying early, and it was nurtured throughout his life.

When he was old enough, Poe joined the ranks of pilots in the New Republic. Even in times of peace, the job had its share of action. Poe tested his skills fighting smugglers, pirates and others who sought to test the borders of the New Republic. He distinguished himself as a fine pilot, but more than that - a strong leader. He inspired loyalty in others, and quickly rose through the ranks to become a commander.