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The Provocateur is a Svelte-class Imperial Shuttle, recently acquired by one Dr. Tamsin Cas. She is not fresh off of the line, having been under previous ownership, but she is in pristine operating condition.

Exterior Design

The Silviut Corporation leveraged its experience as a subcontractor to craft a superior vessel, capable of both long-range transport and space combat support. While inferior to a true starfighter, the Svelte-class shuttle was capably maneuverable and well-armed for a shuttle.

Often dubbed the "Vader-class" shuttle by Imperial pilots, the shuttle's black finish indeed gave it the appearance reminiscent of a space-borne beetle or the famous Sith Lord.

Interior Design

The interior of the shuttle is divided into two separate areas. The passenger cabin, which can serve for cargo if required though not common, is plush. Black leather seats line the bulkheads, each of which can recline fully to serve for sleeping on abnormally long flights. A small fresher is to the fore while a full wetbar is centered along the aft bulkhead.

A ramp lowers from the center of the floor to the ground when landing to allow for entry and egress from the ship when landed. A large folding table can also rise up from the floor and the seats can be slid into positions around it when needed. A single, sliding hydraulic door separates the passenger compartment from the cockpit.


The cockpit has six seats, two forward for the pilot and co-pilot and two to the port and starboard where gunners are seated.

The sensors and communications equipment are state of the art, as the ship is a relatively newer design.


Hyper: x1.0

Atmo: 100 MGLT

Space: 70 MGLT

Sensors: Stock

Shields: Stock

Hull Armor: Stock

Hull Color: Black

Trim Color: Black

Engine Color: Blue


Fixed: (2) Dual Laser Cannon

Turret: (1) Dual Laser Cannon, (2) Dual Blaster Cannon


Tamsin Cas - Owner, Pilot

R2-3N7 "EiGee" - Astromech


Svelte shuttle JASB.jpg