Qadira Suuryet

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Qadira Suuryet

Title: Chief Engineer
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Chief Engineer
Profession: Engineer
Homeworld: Corellia
Organization: Waywards
Ship: Wayward Heart and all Waywards Ships


Alias: Kadi

Played by: Felicia Day


Qadira Suuryet, or Kadi as she was called, was born on Corellia, near to the Greystorm clan. Being about the same age, she knows Jax and Kael - though they didn't necessarily spend a lot of time together. Kadi's mother Aura is a scientist working at the university there, still helping Corellia train many of the best engineers. Her father Gareth is a robotics instructor at the same university. The two are nearing an age where they're starting to think about retirement, having lived through the troubles of recent years, but it's not entirely an easy choice, as things are still tumultuous.

Kadi is an only child and has always been intellectually inclined. From a very young age she was fascinated with taking apart and putting things back together, preferring to play with gadgets and gizmos rather than cops and robbers (which she would play when pushed, but only for the shortest required time.) Kadi's favorite pastime was always sitting outside with pieces of - well, just about anything - in her hands, and she'd often be playing with them while talking. Educationwise - she was a straight A student, always fighting to be top of the class.

After graduating, Kadi booked a ride on a freighter going anywhere, and ended up on Nar Shaddaa where she ran into her old friends Jax and Kael Greystorm. They got her hooked up with the newly forming Waywards and introduced her to Ax. The rest is history.


Kadi is fairly petite, standing only 5'3" tall. Her eyes are blue and her hair is a vivacious shade of burgundy, cut into a short pixie cut with wisps that frame and flatter her face. Her clear skin is tanned and she is reasonably curvy, in her mid-twenties and human.

She's wearing a combination of spacers leather and nanomesh fiber blast plating all in dark grey with a deep red trim, matching grey boots, and a grey belt. There's a small pouch at her waist, a leather vest overtop with an unreasonable number of pockets and a small blaster holstered for a left handed draw. The engineer has customized her armor to allow her to carry her usual tools, bits, pieces and treats for Adder. The ensemble has a hood, in the dark red colour, to top it all off and provide a bit of added protection.


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