Quinn Ca'lio

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Physical Descprition

(Actress: Eliza Taylor) Quinn Ca'lio is a human female of normal height and stature. She wears the clothing of a pirvateer, though the rough nature of them and her general gauntness hint that business might not be so great. Quinn's hair is wavy blonde, hanging just below her shoulders and a bit uneven in length. She ties back two braids from her temple around to the back of her head. Wisps of loose, shorter bits of hair hang around her face. There is a mole on the upper portion of her lip on the left side of her nose. She has greyish blue eyes, and several small scars and nicks are evident on her skin at close quarters.


Early Years

Quinn Ca'lio was born to Donas Ca'lio and Adi Katarin in the floating city of Ugnorgrad over the plant Bespin. Her father, Donas, was a sort of indentured servant to a group of Ugnaught who had tricked Donas into a bad deal, sealing his fate into working for them. Once Quinn was born, Donas spent the only money they had in procuring an escape for Adi and Quinn to Cloud City. The Ugnaughts had been grooming Quinn for future servitude under them and were outraged at Donas' actions in aiding their escape. Donas was killed quickly in the struggle to keep the Ugnaughts that fought to return Quinn and her mother back to Ugnorgrad. Cloud City is where Quinn grew up in her primary years. The city was still recovering from the Iron Blockade that had kept the Anoat sector shrouded from the rest of the galaxy. She received a loose education when she was able to and spent most of her time exploring Cloud City on child fantasies of enacting old battles, finding treasure, and other acts of imaginary heroism. Once she was older, her mother's health was failing and Quinn had to quickly learn to do odd jobs and learn as much as she could absorb to make do. When her mother, Adi, passed away from a terminal illness, Quinn left the Anoat sector at the age of thirteen. She worked on a privateer ship hired by a company "Trade Spine League" that were based out of Anoat but were expanding their business to the outreaches of the galaxy now that the blockade was completely over.

Current Events

Currently Quinn has found herself on Nar Shaddaa when the Trade Spine League she worked as a privateer for disbanded her crew and left her stranded on the smuggler moon. Unable to find more work on a ship, Quinn has had to resort to dishwashing work and other odd jobs in order to get enough credits for the occasional weekly rented room and food. She's located in the Starport District, eager and ambitious to find more work aboard a ship. Quinn is desperate at this point and willing to take on almost any work at almost any pay in order to get back into the air.