Qutha Buvu Pah

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Qutha Buvu Pah

Title: Hey, you!
Race: Zelosian
Sex: Male
Occupation: Plant
Profession: Orchardist
Homeworld: Zelos II
Organization: Jedi Order
Ship: Rock Bottom


The native people of Zelos II, the Zelosians, fear the darkness. Having no ability to see in anything dimmer than the light of a full moon, superstition and myth lore about terrors in the dark are rampant. The various cities and townships have many differing, and similar tales that direct the young and old alike to eschew the darkness and strive towards light. The stories of what can be found in the light allegories for trust, generosity and kindness

Qutha, second son, fourth of eight children to f Oru and Cirrili Pah was raised in such a fashion. Turn away from the dark, beware what might be lurking there, keep your face turned towards light and help others to reach for it. A family of Orchardists who worked in cultivated copses of trees to produce food for their small township and to provide extra for export, to gain additional income ? or to give to those who had a poor harvest. The Pah's unwillingness to extort via trade prices or by gouging their fellows left them comfortable and wealthy in spirit if not credits. Two of their family had been lost to night before he was born, caught by predatory animals they could not see with the failing light, another before his tenth year. Remains identified and mourned, reinforcing the lessons to be wary of shadow and sunset.

Quick witted and agile, young Qutha's early years were spent in schooling provided by local instructors as well as holo-comm accessed remote learning gained by the community pooling funds for a communication hub to be purchased. The towns sole luxury, in a community where the tallest buildings were the granaries and storage houses that rose almost twenty meters. Intuitive to his family and peers, Qutha displayed a canny sense for what others may want and what to say to placate arguments or turn others towards better pursuits. Alert to potential bullies seemingly moments before they would have spotted him and often drawing aside those who would be made targets, often taking their place while attempting to talk down the aggressors. Seeking peace.

His brothers and sisters enjoyed his knack for knowing things moments sooner, save for at games of tag or hide and find, but most of all they enjoyed knowing that if they ventured beyond the perimeter that he would unerringly guide them to adventure and out of danger, most of the time. It was this growing sense for threats that developed him into a treasure of the local farms and orchards when twilight started to come and with it hunting animals seeking easy prey. He never sought prominence in the community though. A man happy to take on his part with the Orchard, even when he and his siblings had fully left home, aiding expanding their family plot and in the nature of turning towards light, helped others do the same.