RHTC-560 Hunter-Trainer System

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The RHTC-560 Hunter Trainer was a training/gladiatorial droid system developed by Rodian D-Tec to help track and eliminate prey during the reign of the Galactic Empire. The system consisted of one bipedal control unit and around ten smaller hunter trainer drones. The master controller unit was bipedal in shape and form; resembling both its Rodian creators and an armored arachnid. In stark contrast to the towering controller units, the HT drones were small droids about half the size of an R2-series astromech droid. Despite their age, they are still prized as combat training units, especially for jungle survival.


Towering at a height of 1.8 meters and armed with sharp claws on both their hands and feet, these droids excelled in their role as gladiatorial/training droids. The RHTC-560 master unit's ferocity in combat was further reinforced by its speed and agility. Its advanced programming also gave it access to some of the latest stealth and evasion techniques available in its time. Since it was also required to interact with its masters, the controller unit was equipped with a vocabulator, a wide-band communications transceiver, and a sensor array system. Meanwhile, a S-comp link access port allowed the droid to pilot the drones through any obstacle as well as to replay recordings of its activities while being debriefed following a hunt. Some were even modified to carry two forearm-mounted blasters.

Each drone came with two forward retractable arms for manipulating objects and two hind legs for traversing over the jungle floor. They were circular in shape and also came with an anti-gravity repulsorlift unit for hovering over their targets. To enhance their effectiveness, they were equipped with stun blasters. For operations in the dark of night or the depths of a jungle, these drones were equipped with high-intensity searchlights to locate their prey. As with most other simpler droid designs, these drones lacked independent personal programming and were entirely controlled by their control unit within a range of 50 km which impaired their effectiveness in long-range hunts. However, this was compensated by the RHTC-560 system's creativity subroutine which allowed it to remain operational even in a wide range of tricky situations. Even if the control unit was submerged underwater, it was still able to command its associated drone units.