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Ra'akksi Monn, or Rake was born on Uvena Prime to a litter of only three. Always adventurous and always getting in trouble, the young Shistavanen was a constant nuissance to both his parents and his packmates. He had the curiosity of a Togorian and the streak of wildness of a Togruta, his father always told him. From the time he could walk, Rake was exploring, going wherever he could that he possibly hadn't been before. Then, the Empire rose from the Republic, war was on the horizon, and as Rake hit maturity, he was forced to make a choice. Did he stay on Uvena Prime as his parents and packmates, or did he take his adventures out into the galaxy? For Rake, the question was an easy one.

The Galactic Civil War was the turning point in Rake's life. A teenager, and by Shistavanen standards, an adult, he struck out from Uvena Prime, enlisting into the fledgeling Rebellion as a scout. It was there he learned to fly, to understand languages outside of basic and his native tongue. When the war ended, a decade after the second Death Star was destroyed, Rake took his leave of military service. By then, he was in his third decade of life, already a few grey hairs were sprouting in his fur, and he'd spent more of his life at war than in peace. It was time for a change.

Rake values life more than anything else. While he's not beyond killing an enemy in defense of himself or another, it is never something he does lightly. He's seen the front lines, both on Hoth and on Endor. He knew that the Empire would have killed him and many many more before their rule came to an end, but it didn't mean he enjoyed war. It was simply a necessity of survival. A tool of peace.

The rise of the First Order was felt by fewer than that of the Empire. While Palpatine was ushered in amongst the applause of the Senate, the First Order rose from the shadows in the unknown regions. Unfortunately for Rake, he was caught up in it from early on. Working for a natural resource firm, scouting out uninhabited planets for valuable minerals, the Shistavanen accidentally scanned a First Order outpost. The system was unnamed, just a number on a chart, there was supposed to be no life there, yet there was. Before he knew what was hapenning, his ship was being shot at and he barely escaped with his life. While the markings were different, there was no mistaking that the Empire was not gone like he had thought. Soon, the Resistance formed, and recruiters were trying to raise support. Like he'd done nearly 40 years prior, Rake was joining a cause and preparing to go back to war. His goals, to do his part to stop the rise of another Empire.

Currently, Rake is serving as a long range scout for the Resistance. His tiny freighter, the 'Kitehawk' is often his home, as he ventures out into the galaxy searching for any information to send back to the Resistance. When called upon, he knows the routes to get back to base discreetly, and he can be geared up for a fight rapidly.

Rake is old for a Shistavanen. He may have another twenty years, given the advances in medicine before he succumbs to old age. He's maintained his health through routine exercise. While he's not as fast as he once was, his mind is more attuned. There are few things that his eyes and nose miss. He was patient, much moreso than as a pup, and when he gives his loyalty, he gives it completely and totally.