Ramishi Crystal Sword

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The Ramishi were one of the first people to take crystal native to their planet and find a way to harness it and reshape it into a deadly weapon. The Ramishi Crystal Sword's overall shape may mimic that of a classic katana, but when one looks closely at its blade they can see that the gleaming 'metal' is actually a slightly transparent crystal. Not only is the weapon extraordinarily sharp, but its main benefit is that its unusually plyable and bendable. From side to side it can wobble and contort giving it a remarkable durability. Its main purpose is to slash or stab through a target like a hot knife through butter. The sword's long curved blade looks like ordinary silver at first, but if shined in the right lights it holds a hint of a green 'hue'. Its handle is wrapped leather with a small silver guard between the handle and the blade, two handed or one handed this weapon is light enough to be used either way.

Skill: Melee: Primitive Weapons vs Dodge Melee
Settings: Kill
Damage: 50 wound points & 30 stun points.
Accuracy: 95%
Range: 1 meters optimal.
Legality: A - Unrestricted
Modifications: 0
Modification Slots: 0
Firing Modes: One swing per round at 1-70 in weapon skill. Two swings per round at 71-100 in weapon skill.