Rance Hood

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"Only in the spirit of attack, born in a brave heart, will bring success to any fighter aircraft, no matter how highly developed it may be."

If you were to tell Rance that fighter pilots were born, he'd probably just laugh at the notion. But it can be in the blood. Coming from a line of fighter drivers, his father was a GCW Ace on the Rebel side. Seeing the man that his father had been before and who came back markedly changed the young boy. From the time he got to really know the father he had become, Rance wanted to drive X-Wings (he refers to them as X-Rays). He checked all the right boxes in school and got an education through the Republic Fleet and Starfighter Corps. He spent his formative years burning fuel with tac fighter squads and being clean cut.

Hood found himself mentoring a lot of newer pilots to his squadrons and getting them up to speed. It was a point of pride for him. Eventually word got around and some ranking members of the SFC recommended he apply for a transfer to the 561st "Red Devils," an 'aggressor' squadron. It was everything he wanted. The X-Wings were even painted with big black and white ornamentals to make them resemble the scheme of TIE fighters. Even their flightsuits were black to resemble enemy pilots. Hood worked his way up to the rank of Captain, holding the office of Executive Officer of the 561st and Operations Officer.

The change was rather sudden. There's nothing in any files about what happened, but according to fitness reports he became very aggressive towards his training regimen for the pilots coming through. His attitude became brash and his temper short. After a 'discussion' with his Commanding Officer, he submitted his resignation and cleared himself off the base forty-eight hours later. The last time the Republic Fleet saw Captain Hood (Ret.) was when he waved to the gate guard at the base when he drove past.

These days he has a converted Heavy Corvette that is built to run cargo and kicks around looking for money to be made off the First Order. If he and the crew happen to run across a little action along the way, well then so be it. Or is he involved in something else?